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Kielce University of Technology
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Kielce University of Technology

3 hours ago

Kielce University of Technology

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Kielce University of Technology

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Kielce University of Technology

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Comments (15)

MD 11/12/15 17:34

Thanks NQ .......nice to know when to expect them .... I just let them get on with it ...... it's for our own good. LOL

N Q 11/12/15 17:28

Hi MD :)

Besides the windows update I think adobe flash just had an update too. Windows always put out their updates on the 2nd tuesday of every month unless they have an emergency update, which could come out at anytime. Anyway always expect some windows updates sometime during the 2nd week of every month.

MD 11/12/15 17:23

Hi NQ.

MD 11/12/15 17:22

Mira ..... I had another update this afternoon and another when I just switched on again. I must have the most up to date laptop! LOL

N Q 11/12/15 17:19

I didn't realize this was a reflection, I just thought they turn the cam but now that you've said that, I can see that it's a reflection.

If you set up your windows updates to notify you before downloading, then you can download a few at a time instead of waiting for them all to download.

Mira Bilis 11/12/15 16:58

Morning ladies ... not a new cam but first time I've seen the reflection of the room in the glass. :)

I also had Windows updates last night. I just go to bed and leave it to finish and shut down ... then in the morning ... make breakfast, coffee, whatever, while waiting for updates to finish. Mine don't take very long but I know on hubby's Windows 7 and Vista computers they take longer.

Trix, don't put it off too long otherwise your laptop may become vulnerable to security breaches/performance issues. You might even find your laptop works better if you let it do all the updates. :)

trix abound 11/12/15 14:18


MD 11/12/15 13:52

I seemed to wait forever ...... but never mind ..... it's done. :D

trix abound 11/12/15 13:39

don't you just hate when that happens!!! you could run a marathon waiting for it to finish!!!!!

MD 11/12/15 13:19

Trix .... yes .... Windows. I went to switch laptop off and it just started to update .....

trix abound 11/12/15 12:59

OMG....were they Window updates? those seem to take forever!!! i have many Windows updates pending, but don't feel like waiting through the process!!!! if Windows is so smsrt then why can't they fix the speed of their stupid downloads???

MD 11/12/15 12:47

Hi Trix ..... it's new to me.

My computer did 14 updates last night ..... took ages ..... and then this morning ..... thousands more.

trix abound 11/12/15 12:40

good morning MD!! is this a new cam? i don't remember seeing it before!!!!

i'm running a virus scan...computers acting a bit off today!!!


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