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Ausblick Ski Area
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Ausblick Ski Area

4 hours ago

Ausblick Ski Area

7 hours ago

Ausblick Ski Area

10 hours ago

Ausblick Ski Area

13 hours ago

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Comments (14)

MD 04/08/18 14:56

Not many people here today.

N Q 11/20/14 20:18

Thanks MD

It's sorta a strange place to have put a ski hill because there's a shopping area on one side, a golf coarse on the other side and it's located in a neighborhood.

Mira Bilis 11/20/14 20:13

Sounds fair enough to me NQ.  :)

N Q 11/20/14 20:01

I tweak the name a little, I just can't see this being called a resort when it's only one hill & a lounge.

N Q 11/20/14 01:13

This actually isn't a resort. My sister lives a few blocks away from here and she said it's a man made hill that's behind the Kolh's and Shopko stores.

There is a members only lounge type building there besides the one skiing hill but it's sorta hard to call a hill and lounge a resort.

The video that they have on their website of the snow boarding wasn't taken at this ski hill because Sussex which is a suburb of Milwaukee doesn't have hills, it's pretty flat land which is why they had to make this hill for skiing.

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 10/29/14 15:18

Lol that's ok babygirl.

MD 10/29/14 15:10

Hi Carol... I would have green thumbed but someone beat me to it.  :)

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 10/29/14 14:51
Homely 01/07/14 04:57

Agreed, MD. Can you imagine just what electricity for the lifts would be? Not to mention the cost of insurance!

MD 01/06/14 20:07

Interesting link. I see that some people have been taking the wrong skis home. I imagine the fees would be exorbitant.

Homely 01/06/14 19:49

Forgot the link for you:

Homely 01/06/14 19:49

Apparently, this is a private ski hill. Fascinating! I can't imagine what the fees must be to keep it running.

MD 11/28/13 22:13

I've no idea but I like it!


Tom Mac 11/28/13 21:42

How many frames per second do you recond this camera takes? I think it'll be fairly high compared to most cameras (some I've seen on her may only take a frame every 2 seconds which is pretty poor if you ask me).


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