Iowa Generators on Deere Rd

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Iowa Generators on Deere Rd
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Iowa Generators on Deere Rd

3 hours ago

Iowa Generators on Deere Rd

6 hours ago

Iowa Generators on Deere Rd

9 hours ago

Iowa Generators on Deere Rd

12 hours ago

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Comments (118)

MD 05/13/18 11:54

Not a bird in sight.   They must be having a lie-in.  :D

Liese Lindemann 05/13/18 06:17

I was over the moon to see a beautiful woodpecker the other day!

Rain Shadow 05/01/17 20:16

Beautiful goldfinches on the feeder.

deacon 04/01/17 18:46

I am always amazed how woodpeckers keep from scrambling their brains, beating their heads on the wood.

Rain Shadow 02/24/17 21:10

Some nice woodpeckers visiting the feeder today.

deacon 12/16/16 15:47

Too bad the fence is blocking the bird feeder.

Way557 12/05/16 15:12

Another first snow.

deacon 02/17/16 01:44

The camera works very well at night, there are several deer feeding on that roll of hay.

MD 02/14/16 18:44

Pearls before swine!   LOL

trix abound 02/14/16 18:38

LOL....throw some good and healthy chocolate out there!!!!!!

MD 02/14/16 18:00

I agree ....... filling themselves up but no nutritional value.

Mira Bilis 02/14/16 17:36
MD 02/14/16 17:19


MD 01/26/16 16:47

Mira ....... such natural beauty on your doorstep. I swear I could smell the fresh air.  LOL

Mira Bilis 01/26/16 16:28

Speaking of backyards, there's a house with a 98 acre lot for sale at the very end of our road ... I looked it up and they had a couple of nice photos.

Here's the beach at the end of our road ...

Here's the view from the lot, looking south across the area where I live, toward the mountains ...

Mira Bilis 01/26/16 16:09

Exactly ... no need for extra food, plenty of natural vegetation.

trix abound 01/26/16 15:54 does look like they have many options in their backyard for the deer to choose from!!!  lots of brush and trees!!

Mira Bilis 01/26/16 15:43

You're welcome Trix.  You'd think the people here would know better, having such a large and "critter friendly" back yard ... maybe I should forward the article to them.

trix abound 01/26/16 13:19

Mira....thank you for the article...very interesting!!!

Mira Bilis 01/26/16 06:04

Good point Trix ... 

We never feed our local blacktails ... what they state in that last paragraph is basically what we try to do around here.


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