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Hiraodai Countryside Park
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Hiraodai Countryside Park

5 hours ago

Hiraodai Countryside Park

8 hours ago

Hiraodai Countryside Park

11 hours ago

Hiraodai Countryside Park

14 hours ago

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Comments (5)

MD 10/31/14 13:01

Mira... well found.  :)

Mira Bilis 10/31/14 04:23

Turns out that thing we thought was a big gun is actually an amphitheatre!

Cam page ...

Webpage ...

MD 08/29/13 08:29

Hi Janet. I think the other cam you mention is one that intrigues Homely. I've tried finding these buildings on Wikipedia but there are so many Japanese residences.......

Janet Stevens 08/29/13 03:25

Hi Kyle. I have seen another cam with a view of that small house on the left with the sloped roof. It was a view with a few of the same type of houses all together in a field. I have a feeling that is some sort of solar panel. Let me know if you find out anything different, I am curious. I also thought it was a cannon the first time I saw it.

kyle 06/24/13 23:54

Can someone tell me what this thing is on the buildings roof, looks like a Rocket launcher, or huge cannon


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