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Liberty Lake from King Cabin

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Liberty Lake from King Cabin
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Liberty Lake from King Cabin

6568 hours ago

Liberty Lake from King Cabin

6571 hours ago

Liberty Lake from King Cabin

6574 hours ago

Liberty Lake from King Cabin

6577 hours ago

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Comments (31)

MD 08/23/15 12:31

Ta.  :))

trix abound 08/23/15 02:05

it seems the tomatoes are just right now!!!...okay MD....i will

MD 08/23/15 02:01

Trix ....... you must tell me next time you have them ....... then I'll remember to get some for me. :D

trix abound 08/23/15 01:51

LOL....we had BLT's last week....delish!!!!

MD 08/23/15 01:28

Trix .... a few minutes before your "he's back" comment I'd been fancying a BLT and then I saw your comment and it reminded me that you are another fan of BLT. Much too late for me to be thinking of food..... it's 2.30am.  :D

trix abound 08/23/15 01:06

MD....what did i say that made you think of BLT's???

MD 08/23/15 01:02

Oh you poor girl.  I always have my fingers crossed for you. LOL

I haven't had BLT for ages ..... I think I'll change that!  :)


trix abound 08/23/15 00:58

MD.....he's back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MD 08/23/15 00:37

It looks deserted.

Mira Bilis 08/22/15 23:56

Yup ... they're definitely in an area that could be affected.

MD 08/22/15 23:34

I'm not liking the look of this cam ..... smokey.

MD 01/25/15 00:05

Mira... nice link. I like that building. The sky is changing from blue to yellow.

Mira Bilis 01/24/15 23:57
MD 01/24/15 23:50

Panic over... lovely blue sky now.  :)

Mira Bilis 01/24/15 23:40

Yellow sky at night ... shepherd take fright!!  0_0

N Q 01/24/15 23:25
MD 01/04/15 02:22


trix abound 01/04/15 01:44

well isn't that just the way it is!!!! as`soon as i get off my a** to have something for myself everyone else all of a sudden want's some too... GOT YA....LOL....pull a seat up and have a hot i know why they wait for me...damn i'm a good cook ;D

MD 01/04/15 01:14

Trix.... I'd love one please!   :)

Hi N Q.... it was just a patch of sky... maybe a cloud.. that looked yellow. I trust you had a good new year. :)

N Q 01/04/15 01:12

the hot chocolate sounds good--could I get a cup too as long as you're already up and making it :)


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