Note: We've had trouble contacting this cam recently. Live views probably aren't available.
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Yale Medical School
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Yale Medical School

5232 hours ago

Yale Medical School

5235 hours ago

Yale Medical School

5238 hours ago

Yale Medical School

5241 hours ago

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Comments (42)

Rain Shadow 09/11/17 19:39

There are live images on the live feed as I type this, M D.† But as you say, no big deal.

MD 09/11/17 19:30

I have a grey screen on last saved still and a white screen on refreshing stills but it's no big deal. There are plenty more cams to look at.† :D

Rain Shadow 09/11/17 19:20

I had a grey-white image on live feed for a moment, but now it looks like they adjusted the electron microscope focus and I can see what they are looking at.† When you see the grey-white screen, I think you are seeing the interval between them placing another specimen slide under the lens (?)

MD 09/11/17 19:04

No ....... just a white screen on live and refreshing stills.† Looking at the small pics ..... I'm not missing much.

Moose 09/11/17 18:57

MD... †Does this cam work for you with Refreshing Stills?

MD 09/05/17 21:36

Rain Shadow ..... I think that must be it. I can remember Mirs Bilis putting some links for me and I used to just get a message saying not available outside the US. Good job I don't have this problem with the rest of the US cams.

Rain Shadow 09/05/17 21:15

The live feed and Moose's link work fine for me. †M D, perhaps is has something to do with you being outside the US (?)

MD 09/05/17 19:49

Moose, thanks for trying but I'm destined not to see it. After waiting ages, a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark in it appeared ..... along with the words "Problem loading page."

MD 09/05/17 19:09

I can see the FROZEN-NP, the date and the time .... 12.56.16 ....† on last saved still. As soon as I click on Live Feed ..... I just have a white screen .... no words or time ..... nada.

Moose 09/05/17 19:03

Very weird. †Right now I have a grey screen with a bright red arrow on it. †Upper left corner says FROZEN-NP, and the date and time. †That stamp usually never goes away.

MD 09/05/17 18:54

When I click on live feed I just have a white screen .... no onscreen clock .... nothing.

Moose 09/05/17 18:18

Looking at stuff now!

MD 09/05/17 17:53

Moose .... thanks.† My comment on the 2nd was just after noon.

Moose 09/05/17 17:47

But wait! †It is now during the week, mid-afternoon and there is no activity here. <shrug> †The next time I see something going on, I will give a shout.

Moose 09/05/17 17:46

If I do the math right, you posted here at about 9:00am local time on a Saturday morning. †Probably more activity here during the week, maybe mid-afternoon.

Moose 09/05/17 17:22

MD... This one is all about timing. †If the time on the cam is ticking you have live feed but if nobody is looking at samples there will be nothing to see except maybe a red arrow. †If your timing is good you will see what look like tissue samples flying by as the operator is running their tests.

MD 09/02/17 13:04

I have no live feed and animation of last snapshots show nothing.

Moose 08/31/17 13:57

Very busy analyzing samples today.

Moose 06/29/17 18:02

Even though I am not a microbiologist, I can appreciate the expertise of the microscope operator as they look for whatever it is they are looking for. †Kinda fun to watch.


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