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CBS 47 on E McKinley Ave
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CBS 47 on E McKinley Ave

4 hours ago

CBS 47 on E McKinley Ave

7 hours ago

CBS 47 on E McKinley Ave

10 hours ago

CBS 47 on E McKinley Ave

13 hours ago

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Comments (25)

Moose 06/11/18 22:15

It is amazing which cams get on the New Cams list.

Chester Stiles 04/18/17 03:18

It's very windy in Fresno tonight.

MD 05/26/16 17:56

They've changed the view and it's nowhere near as good as before.

Bloodstream Woodbrook 11/19/15 23:11

Network cam link?

trix abound 09/14/15 01:26

so MD....what were you and Ted getting into?????

MD 09/14/15 01:12

I see the governer of California has declared a state of emergency because of wildfires.

MD 08/03/15 15:08

This is looking murky today.

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 10/04/14 19:28

Nevermind, it was my computer not the cam, whew!!

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 10/04/14 19:16

I hope this cam isn't down. : (

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 08/11/14 23:54

I know Mira, I just posted it on another cam. He killed himself. Asphyxiation.†

Mira Bilis 08/11/14 23:48

OMG ... breaking news just announced that Robin Williams has been found dead!† :0

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 06/20/14 00:32

Lol, yes but it is a dirty brown green.

MD 05/10/14 21:48

There is some greenery at last, instead of brown everywhere.

MD 02/27/14 12:45

I agree Carol, this looks lovely.

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 01/24/14 03:06

We don't have the beautiful greenery in Southern Cali. Looking down on these cams it's a whole lotta brown. That's why I say it's beautiful at night all lit up because you see other colors besides dirty brown.†

MD 09/06/13 21:09

No problem.


owen wilson 09/06/13 19:16


will you hold off on the posting of yhe card ? I will explain later


MD 09/06/13 18:08

Hi Ted, Fresno sounds too hot!† That crash in Kent was at least 200 miles from me. We only get the occasional mist from the moors. About you chopping wood, when we lived in the foothills of the Pyrenees we had a huge fireplace where we burned logs and vine roots. After a storm we would go to the coast, about 20 miles away, and collect any tree trunks that had washed up. We never came away empty handed. It was nice at the end of the day to sit outside with a glass of wine, listening to the wood clicking as it dried.

I won't be putting any details on the postcard, I need to know I've got the correct address. What are we like? A pair of schoolkids!!†† :))

owen wilson 09/05/13 18:38

Hi: No I am glad to be in Minnesota,Fresno was so hot in the summertime , it would be over 100 degrees for 4 weeks ina row and then it would drop to 99 degrees and then go back up to over 100 †for several weeks. The winters would be awful foggy, I mean really bad fog most of the winter. Speakin of fog I saw on the news this morning , there was a 100 car pile up in Kent yesterday in the fog, how far away is kent from where you live ?

When you post the card, could you also include your E-mail address and full name and maybe you address so I can google your house and neighborhood, It really sounds facinating where you live, I hope I am not getting too personal, if so just tell me.

Talk to you soon :)

MD 09/05/13 17:12

Hi Ted.† Fresno sounds nice but Minnesota looks lovely. Do you ever wish you were back in Fresno or are you well settled in MN? My grandparents emigrated to Canada in 1953 then moved to the west coast living in Santa Monica, Culver city and various other places. My gramps worked for Avro/aerospace and my nan renovated properties. They retired and moved to Tampa, Florida.† Eventually they moved back to Canada to be near their 2 daughters, my aunts.

I didn't visit and now I wish I had. I have lots of relatives in Canada that I've never met.† Anyway.......... today I got a postcard for you. I'll let you know when it goes in the post and we'll see if my detective work paid off!!

Take care.



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