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Big Lake Environment Support Society - Big Lake Webcam

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Big Lake Environment Support Society  - Big Lake Webcam
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Big Lake Environment Support Society  - Big Lake Webcam

5906 hours ago

Big Lake Environment Support Society  - Big Lake Webcam

5909 hours ago

Big Lake Environment Support Society  - Big Lake Webcam

5912 hours ago

Big Lake Environment Support Society  - Big Lake Webcam

5916 hours ago

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Comments (40)

MD 05/30/16 10:32

Well Twig .... maybe that's why the Canadians aren't too keen on the US.   LOL

Twig TheSlateBlueDuck 05/29/16 21:18

Been around the world, several times.  The two most hated countries in the world, hands down, are the US and Canada.  The US is smart enough to know it (most of us anyway), but most Canadians think that everyone loves them... lol  I keep telling the Canadians to watch it--we have them Surrounded, Alaska to the north, and New York to the south...

MD 11/11/15 20:32

I have a slight affinity with Canada. I have aunts and cousins there (and cousins' children who must be grown up by now)....... more family than I have in the UK. I suppose I could look them up.

Mira Bilis 11/11/15 19:56

LOL!!!  True!  :D  They certainly always seem to be nicer to me when they find out I'm British and not American. ;)

trix abound 11/11/15 19:33


MD 11/11/15 19:31

Maybe because you're not American ....... ?  :)

Mira Bilis 11/11/15 18:48

LOL ... and I always thank Canada.  :D

MD 11/11/15 18:35

And a large nest.

Just noticed Trix's last comment.  LOL

Mira Bilis 11/11/15 18:18

Lovely Bald Eagle in the tree.  :)

trix abound 02/01/15 01:08's the USA motto..."blame Canada"   LOL

MD 02/01/15 00:56

So kind of Canada. And the Arctic is going to do the same for us. LOL

trix abound 02/01/15 00:47

MD....your probably right....canada has already sent their crappy weather to us!!!!

MD 02/01/15 00:33

Trix... when I put that comment... every bit of the sky was pink. Pink sky at night, well.... red sky at night, usually means fair weather tomorrow.

trix abound 02/01/15 00:11


trix abound 02/01/15 00:11

beautiful...if it were summer itr would mean tomorrow will be hotter than heck...don't know what it means in the winter!!!

MD 02/01/15 00:05

Look at this beautiful pink sky!

MD 01/20/15 00:40

Hi Mira... quite dramatic.

Mira Bilis 01/20/15 00:23

Beautiful sky.

Chemical 01/04/15 21:31

This cam looks peaceful! :)

MD 11/15/14 16:09

NQ... I know the eagle was real, I was joking with you. It's an amazing picture.  And I can't believe it was you that adjusted seagull's wardrobe.... no way.   LOL!!


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