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Lubbers Landing

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Lubbers Landing
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Lubbers Landing

7365 hours ago

Lubbers Landing

7368 hours ago

Lubbers Landing

7371 hours ago

Lubbers Landing

7380 hours ago

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Comments (19)

Rain Shadow 09/08/17 18:44
MD 09/07/17 12:07

Looking very calm at the moment ......beautiful sunshine.

MD 09/06/17 15:39

Thanks Rain Shadow. The Puerto Rico cam looks ominous already.

MD 03/20/17 13:40

And it looks a beautiful place:

deacon 03/20/17 13:25

Looks very nice today.

MD 10/16/16 14:31

You could be right. That was really bad weather.

deacon 10/16/16 14:15

I guess your right. How's this? What remains of this camera is likely submerged off the Florida coast.

MD 10/14/16 14:41

The last saved still is dated 15th of March ..... long before hurricane Matthew.... I think.

deacon 10/14/16 14:17

Bet this camera got trashed by hurricane matthew..

MD 01/11/16 15:53

Deacon .... anything would be better than that!

deacon 01/11/16 15:46

This looks very inviting as I watch the snow fall and 9 degrees(F) outside.

Mira Bilis 04/10/15 22:11

Lovely view today.

MD 03/14/15 17:43

Unusual to see this one so cloudy.

MD 09/22/14 22:19

Carol...... you're very quiet today.

MD 07/27/14 19:22

I think it's beautiful.

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 12/16/13 06:53

Lol, it's what Marsh HarbouR looks like too, MD, hehe!!

MD 05/04/13 18:05

So this is what Bahamas Marsh HARBOU looks like. It's beautiful.

kyle 05/04/13 17:18

a little in disrepair, but scenic all the same


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