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Bowdoin College - Hubbard Hall
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Bowdoin College - Hubbard Hall

4915 hours ago

Bowdoin College - Hubbard Hall

4918 hours ago

Bowdoin College - Hubbard Hall

4921 hours ago

Bowdoin College - Hubbard Hall

4924 hours ago

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Comments (17)

MD 01/23/19 12:58

And to think I became a police woman after my "crime!"†† :D

stargzr 01/23/19 12:30

You're lucky there's a statute of limitations on vandalism or I'd turn you in for the reward !† †LOL

MD 01/23/19 12:14

We'd been playing tennis and I was walking back to the building.† I spotted a smooth pebble and decided to "serve" it.† It went rather too far.† There were several of us and we ran.† We were all dressed identically and Mr Etchells wore coke bottle glasses.†† :D

stargzr 01/23/19 11:26

What a beautiful school!!!!† And those old photos are lovely.† So, do I dare ask HOW you broke the window pane. LOL

MD 01/23/19 11:03

This was where I spent 7 years.† Those are cherry blossom trees.† Inside the building there are 2 quadrangles .... glassed in so the place was warm as toast.† Everywhere was accessible without needing to step outside. There were tennis courts and the grass you can see was used for hockey and cricket.† My dad used to drop me off at the gate so I just had to walk along the drive ....... which Mr Etchells, the janitor, used to keep clear of snow.†† I'm sorrow now that I broke a pane of glass in his greenhouse.† LOL!!!

stargzr 01/23/19 10:41

Hi MD,

Don't EVEN get me started!† I went to college in Northern Maine and we girls would traipse barelegged through the snow.† By the time we got to class our legs would be bright red.† We'd thaw out just in time to go to our next class which would be across campus.† :))

On the positive side, winters were really beautiful with sun (or moon) shining on new - fallen snow.† I admit I do miss it sometimes....but NOT to drive in!

MD 01/23/19 10:14

Hi stargzr ..... my daughter has a friend who lived in Maine ......† sounded horrific weather to me.

I went to a posh school and we had strict uniform code ....... no pants allowed.† Thank heavens for mild winters.

I love that expression "tough old bird!"††† :D

stargzr 01/23/19 09:19

Growing up in the state of Maine, not far from here, we had many a "wicked" winter with huge amounts of snow.† Back in those days (ancient times) girls were not allowed to wear pants to we wound up wearing "leggings" onder our skirts which had to come off and then put back on before and after each school day.

I'm convinced that's why I'm such a tough old bird now.† :D

stargzr 09/26/18 20:13

Google map = Kansas

MD 07/31/18 14:11

The first 2 I could manage without.††† :D

stargzr 07/30/18 23:25

There are three things I miss about living in Maine:

1.† Thundershowers

2.† Lightning bugs

3.† Molasses doughnuts


MD 05/29/17 16:09

Holiday weekend?

Moose 05/29/17 15:44

They had commencement on this lawn on Saturday, and the racks of folding chairs are still on the sidewalks on Monday.

MD 12/05/16 18:36

I've not seen this before...... very nice.

Way557 12/05/16 17:14

Another first snow.

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 10/18/14 12:37

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