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The Coelostat Solar Observatory - Paris Observatory Meudon
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The Coelostat Solar Observatory - Paris Observatory Meudon

4 hours ago

The Coelostat Solar Observatory - Paris Observatory Meudon

7 hours ago

The Coelostat Solar Observatory - Paris Observatory Meudon

10 hours ago

The Coelostat Solar Observatory - Paris Observatory Meudon

13 hours ago

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Comments (23)

MD 05/19/16 10:39

Missed it again.

MD 04/18/16 12:21

I'd love to catch this cam as the shed is rolling towards us.

MD 03/25/16 23:34


trix abound 03/25/16 22:40

alright, smarty pants ;D

MD 03/25/16 19:46

Trix ..... very important to have the sun when you're looking at the stars. :D

trix abound 03/25/16 19:28

LOL MD...they had to go where the sun is!!!!

MD 03/25/16 16:43

Trix ..... I'm just watching a prog called  "A New Life in the Sun" about an English couple going to France and opening up a small observatory just like this one.

MD 06/02/15 14:46

I always thought this place was miles from anywhere but there's a road just beyond the tree on the right.

trix abound 05/30/14 16:09

it's rolled outside on tracks...

Mira Bilis 05/30/14 15:48

Steve, I'd assume it would have to be rolled outside in order to see the stars ... unless it has a trapdoor in the roof.  ;)

Steve Sharp 05/30/14 15:12

There are wheels and a rail on both sides,I wonder if the whole thing can be rolled outside to use? I did not even know what it was.

MD 04/03/14 14:10

Jules, I hope you still look at this cam.

MD 01/11/14 12:54

Jules....... I see it!!!!!!!! Also, a young man with a lovely head of hair.

jules 01/11/14 11:00

Mommie Dearest - you need to see this!!!!!

jules 01/11/14 10:58

Wow, I would never, ever have guessed that that was what was in the shed. Fantastic.

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 01/11/14 10:43

It's a telescope in the shed!!!

MD 10/18/13 19:49

Hi Jules. I'm glad you heard me shout. Tis a bit of a let down but never mind. It will be a quest to see what's in the shed!

jules 10/18/13 19:01

Le Shed! All that wait for the unveiling and it's a shed! The laughs on us I think. So I want to know what's in the shed...or is it a large WC? And what's the view behind this shed...the big teases. With every answer, there's ten more questions. I need to see this in daylight - it's 8 o'clock at night and it's too dark.

MD 10/18/13 16:55

JULES!!!!!!!!!!!! Where are you???  I sooo want you to see this "landscape."  :)))

MD 08/21/13 21:28

Wow Jules!!!!  What a wonderful imagination you have. Our shutters had a zillion cracks but we did have a wonderful view, looking south towards the Pyrenees and Spain.


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