Soltorget (Sun Square)

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Soltorget (Sun Square)
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Soltorget (Sun Square)

4 hours ago

Soltorget (Sun Square)

7 hours ago

Soltorget (Sun Square)

10 hours ago

Soltorget (Sun Square)

13 hours ago

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Comments (122)

ella scott 01/31/18 08:19

This town does not get a lot of sunshine at all. It looks grey for the most of the time.

Nicola snowlover 09/30/17 18:40

I hope someone fixes this webcam, you can normally see everything quite well  at night but now you can only see the lights :(

MD 06/30/17 12:02
Way557 06/30/17 11:02

i wonder why they are taking down the sundial. .

it can't be broke, theres no moving parts. lol

MD 03/18/17 13:39

How do you tell the time with a sundial when the sun hardly seems to shine here?

MD 10/31/16 12:10

Hi Syrsa ...... there have been days when it looks bright but not very often.  No good living here if you suffer with SAD. But it's as you say ..... people adjust.

Syrsa 10/31/16 11:50

First snow here. This town does not get a lot of sunshine at all. It looks grey for the most of the time. Could be the camera lens needs cleaned.

MD 12/21/15 23:05

Thanks Syrsa. Right back at ya!

Syrsa 12/21/15 22:35

And a Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy 2016 to you All! Cheers!

Syrsa 11/15/15 22:14

Thnx Mira..!

Mira Bilis 11/13/15 00:35

Hi again Ericus and welcome back Syrsa!  :)

Syrsa 11/12/15 22:44

Hello ericusmaximus, Yes, it is hard work getting on the winter gear, getting your cars winter tires on, getting used to driving in the snow, and icey ways, and to the long dark nights and dismal grey daylights. I agree that semlas are nice, bullar as well.. I lived in Sweden for eighteen wonderful years, and you adjust to the autumn and winter weather.. I loved Sweden, and it's in my heart. 


MD 11/12/15 12:28

Hi Ericus .....

...... yes ...... nice to get back indoors after your 3 - 9 shift at the store.  LOL!!!

ericusmaximus 11/12/15 11:22

Ahh... I get it they must be the square's large scale sun dial, at a guess.

ericusmaximus 11/12/15 11:21

I wonder what those gallows things are for ?

ericusmaximus 11/12/15 11:18

It must be weird being in snow for 5 months. Must be hard work and tiring putting al the clothes on, boots avoiding slipping over, driving must be hard work as well. Better have a good car battery here otherwise it will be dead when you want to go and get a 6 pack of Norllunds gold, strong coffee and some bulle (cakes) from the local supermarket. They have a thing called semla, they are nice. Would be nice to get back indoors with a nice warm flat and some relaxing TV to watch. Maybe look at snow drifting across the street lamps glow.

Mira Bilis 11/07/15 19:12

More like Snötorget today.

MD 08/05/15 00:26

Syrsa .... It's 1.24am for me and 2.24 am for Sun Square and it's lighter at Sun Square than it was at 1pm. They seem to be having their daylight in the middle of the night!

Syrsa 08/04/15 22:41

Hi MD, glad you liked Google Earth.. you can fly anywhere you like, land, then see the streets, houses and whatever in real time.. I believe they uppdate it from time to time as I googled my home, and saw that they had been there, done that, and got the house as it looks now.. It's fun to Google .. but there are some countries where Google Earth is not allowed.  Enjoy, and keep on Googling! and no, I have not seen much sun in the Sun Square, and not much people at all.. but maybe they are used to it, and don't mind... like you MD, I could not do it..  :-(


MD 08/02/15 12:44

Hi Syrsa ..... I'm still impressed with Google Earth....... amazing!  And I would not like to live here with all this miserable weather.


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