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Soltorget (Sun Square)

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Soltorget (Sun Square)
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Soltorget (Sun Square)

7468 hours ago

Soltorget (Sun Square)

7471 hours ago

Soltorget (Sun Square)

7474 hours ago

Soltorget (Sun Square)

7477 hours ago

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Comments (130)

MD 07/08/18 13:42

Syrsa .......  I'm glad it's not you that's ill but it's very wearing for carers.  I've just got back from spending the night at my daughter's.  I'll have to start coming on to Opentopia a bit earlier and you can have a moan if you need to.  I love your avatar ...... makes me think of freedom ......  I don't know why.

Syrsa 07/08/18 11:20

A lot of illness, not me, MD, over a long period of time, three or four years. Gets me down. 

MD 07/07/18 12:50

Hi Syrsa .......   where have you been???????

I'd love to be here today ....... I do enjoy a market.

Syrsa 07/07/18 11:11

Nope, doubt if it needed a new battery, MD, maybe just needed winding up, or resetting the time :-)

MD 06/30/18 14:02

Well one thing's for sure ...... it didn't need a new battery.   :D

Phoenix 06/30/18 11:40

Maybe needed repair? Who knows?

MD 06/24/18 12:51

Hi Phoenix ...... that's really puzzling.  I can't see why they needed to move it.

Phoenix 06/24/18 10:52

Wonder when they intend to put the sundial back? Maybe when they're done with the road?

ella scott 01/31/18 08:19

This town does not get a lot of sunshine at all. It looks grey for the most of the time.

Nicola snowlover 09/30/17 18:40

I hope someone fixes this webcam, you can normally see everything quite well  at night but now you can only see the lights :(

MD 06/30/17 12:02
Way557 06/30/17 11:02

i wonder why they are taking down the sundial. .

it can't be broke, theres no moving parts. lol

MD 03/18/17 13:39

How do you tell the time with a sundial when the sun hardly seems to shine here?

MD 10/31/16 12:10

Hi Syrsa ...... there have been days when it looks bright but not very often.  No good living here if you suffer with SAD. But it's as you say ..... people adjust.

Syrsa 10/31/16 11:50

First snow here. This town does not get a lot of sunshine at all. It looks grey for the most of the time. Could be the camera lens needs cleaned.

MD 12/21/15 23:05

Thanks Syrsa. Right back at ya!

Syrsa 12/21/15 22:35

And a Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy 2016 to you All! Cheers!

Syrsa 11/15/15 22:14

Thnx Mira..!

Mira Bilis 11/13/15 00:35

Hi again Ericus and welcome back Syrsa!  :)

Syrsa 11/12/15 22:44

Hello ericusmaximus, Yes, it is hard work getting on the winter gear, getting your cars winter tires on, getting used to driving in the snow, and icey ways, and to the long dark nights and dismal grey daylights. I agree that semlas are nice, bullar as well.. I lived in Sweden for eighteen wonderful years, and you adjust to the autumn and winter weather.. I loved Sweden, and it's in my heart. 



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