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Chalet Hollandheim
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Chalet Hollandheim

4 hours ago

Chalet Hollandheim

7 hours ago

Chalet Hollandheim

10 hours ago

Chalet Hollandheim

13 hours ago

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Comments (21)

Mira Bilis 10/23/14 15:53


feralorchid 10/23/14 15:30

Big snow here too..

MD 10/01/14 16:21

I really like this cam.

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 09/13/14 13:52

Got it! : )

MD 09/13/14 13:50

Carol... definitely on a roll!!!! We need one more green thumb.

trix abound 08/18/14 18:15

oh wow....haggis would really love it here...

MD 07/16/14 13:50

Trix, there are often sightings of a huge black panther-type animal. As for horses, Dartmoor ponies run wild on the moors.

trix abound 07/16/14 13:44

seems it was a cat-like, dog-like, horse-like creature...or a lion...stay

MD 07/16/14 13:34

Trix..... LOL!!!  I live on the edge of Dartmoor!

trix abound 07/16/14 13:31

i'm sure they will...watched a show yesterday about a "weird creature" sighting in Dartmoor a few years this anywhere near you it anyone you know...LOL

MD 07/16/14 13:16

Trix,  gotcha! This is just the sort of remote village they like. They'll soon have all the folks turned into aliens but looking  the same as before. :D

trix abound 07/16/14 13:01

MD...UFO....i think 2 have already landed in the back field...

Kyle Gosnell 07/16/14 12:48

this looks a lot like Colorado in places, emence

trix abound 05/23/14 12:07


MD 04/17/14 14:20

Indigo, I recently read "How Green was my Valley."  I mentioned it to a friend that I bumped into. A day or so later I got an email from him with a link to the film.

I think this place looks lovely.

indigo 04/17/14 10:16

WOW, how green was my valley !

Wikem Dice 04/12/14 12:42

Beautiful view! 

MD 02/25/14 17:22

Yes, I really like this one.

Mira Bilis 02/25/14 16:15

Beautiful views.  :-)


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