Tomsk State University of Systems Control and Radioelectronics

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Tomsk State University of Systems Control and Radioelectronics
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Tomsk State University of Systems Control and Radioelectronics

4 hours ago

Tomsk State University of Systems Control and Radioelectronics

7 hours ago

Tomsk State University of Systems Control and Radioelectronics

10 hours ago

Tomsk State University of Systems Control and Radioelectronics

25 hours ago

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Comments (19)

pembesar pria 02/25/18 19:25













Savannah Robberts 08/20/15 13:06

This is a school you can call home

MD 03/22/15 13:47

Same here. There are too many to remember all of them.

trix abound 03/22/15 13:44

i never even know a cam is gone till i check my favorites!

MD 03/22/15 13:37

I see that we have 2661 cams today. A while ago I left a comment on The Bench ... rejoicing that we had over 4000.

MD 03/22/15 13:36

Hopefully it'll come back. It's surprising how many we lose that come back. Always makes me wonder why we lose them in the first place. We seem to lose more old ones than we gain in new ones.

trix abound 03/22/15 13:25

another cam gone!!!!!!

MD 12/06/14 15:21

I think the Tomsk tree was almost.. if not the last tree to go. I enjoyed the brightness of it.

NQ.. there were 2 cams with the same view. I remember commenting that the tree was still lit up. There were lots of comments on the "twin" cam. A good idea to keep it, as you have done. That's why I keep the Paignton (bath tub full of kids boats) link.  :))

trix abound 12/06/14 15:15

if i remember correctly...wasn't the tomsk tree one of the last taken down??

N Q 12/06/14 15:10

MD I've been keeping an eye on this other Tomsk cam with hopes that it comes back online before xmas-

The decorations on that cam weren't the nicest but I thought that if it's near the tree they might turn the cam towards the tree.

MD 12/06/14 14:59

Trix... I wish we could see this from the outside. They had a huge Christmas tree last year but that cam has gone.

MD 11/09/14 20:53


trix abound 11/09/14 20:12

i know what you mean...i just thought the meds were off again!!!!  LOL

MD 11/09/14 19:39

Trix... it must be my nature. Don't you ever see comments that you'd like to follow up with "What a load of glittering BS." And I use the word "glittering" because that was how someone on Sakurajima described his particular style of BS!!!!  :D

trix abound 11/09/14 19:21

isn't that the truth...if there's a chance you won't like the answer than don't ask or comment...

MD 11/09/14 19:05

Trix.... I read the comments. I've been trying hard not to put inflammatory comments but sometimes it's difficult. I was semi-chastised on that cam where everyone dances like crazy and I had to skip a day or 2 of Opentopia incase I put a reply that I'd regret. Actually... I wouldn't regret it but it seems to upset others if I say exactly what I think. :))

trix abound 11/09/14 18:49

i wouldn't sleep there either...looks cold!!   kyle made comments...says doctors are pushing junk(fad) foods at

MD 11/09/14 18:43

Trix... you're right!  I've not seen this cam before and nobody had commented for over 4 years.

I don't think I'd like to sleep there, it looks like that alley leads outside.

trix abound 11/09/14 18:32

looks like someone is sleeping on the couch in the right rear...


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