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Buffalo Trace Distillery - Blanton Bottling
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Buffalo Trace Distillery - Blanton Bottling

5 hours ago

Buffalo Trace Distillery - Blanton Bottling

8 hours ago

Buffalo Trace Distillery - Blanton Bottling

11 hours ago

Buffalo Trace Distillery - Blanton Bottling

14 hours ago

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Comments (51)

spyglass01 06/05/19 18:31

plz put the cam back weair it was† we still got two cams down†

spyglass01 05/07/19 07:27

i wood like to a big thank you some one red my post and fix the cam now i can see all your hard working staf† big thank you have a grate day

spyglass01 05/05/19 06:16

hi all can some one fix the† cam plz i love watching it but it gone mad i wood have a fit if i keep loking at it jumping about ty for your help

MD 02/25/19 08:57

I don't think so.

spyglass01 02/25/19 07:34

is thair a shift today ???

spyglass01 02/22/19 05:25
i love this cam tell who moves the cam tell me we lose hafe the shot with the vet duck plz just drop it down a bit not have 25% croped of the top†
MD 07/14/18 12:04

Hi sinister smile.†† Happy Black Country Day.† Wave that flag with pride.†† LOL!!!!

And Happy Bastille Day.

MD 07/10/18 14:18

Pps ...... see what I mean about flea pit?†† I moved away before they started bingo.

MD 07/10/18 14:14

sinister smile ...... your mentioning bicycles reminded me of my dad's pink racer.† He wouldn't have chosen pink but it was second hand.† When I was a kid he would take me on the cross bar to "the flea pit" in Bradley to watch the latest film.† They were always 10 years behind the times.† I remember seeing Gunga Din.† And the best treat was going into a little shop near the cinema and having a custard tart. Brought back happy memories.

MD 07/10/18 13:57

Bikers have a much better life in France.† We lived at Port Grimaud for my last 7 years or so in France and hubby went out cycling every day. The bike lane goes right along the sea front in places. And cyclists take precedence on ordinary roads. Still ....... they're going to favour cyclists ....... the Tour de France rules!!!† LOL

sinister smile 07/10/18 13:51

If I could drive it would scare me to death on foriegn roads. It's bad enough here but I am one of† the most hated road users in the world because I'm a cyclist. I've been knock off twice and had insults just for daring to be on a bike lol

MD 07/10/18 13:42

Ps† ..... all wives are fluent in grunt.† :D

MD 07/10/18 13:41

I started my Spanish and Italian with learning to ask for food, booze and bed and I'm fluent in cuss words in all languages.† I was the driver and that brings out the language.† I know how to say "Go eff yourself" in 4 languages!† LOL!!!

Having said that ....... they don't seem to go in for road rage on the continent.† Language and gestures are exchanged and that's the end of it.† It's a lovely day for driving round L'Arc de Triomphe ........ about 10 lanes of traffic going in each direction.† I say "about" because the last time I was there ..... there were no white lines to mark designated lanes ...... you just find a space and go for it.† And in all my 15 years ....... I never had an accident.

sinister smile 07/10/18 13:30

Wow MD that's good going, when i'm tired i struggle with English, fortunatly my wife is fluent in grunt and can understand me lol. I do know a few swear words in quite a few languages. But then again you only need the important things to get by lol

MD 07/10/18 13:18

I got GCE in French at school but like the UK ..... there are regional accents in France and we once lived near the Spanish border.† We holidayed in Spain and Italy and fortunately ..... the language roots are very similar so I'm fluent in French and can manage in Spanish and Italian.† I've been watching some Welsh progs with subtitles and there are lots of English words in with the Welsh.†† I have a feeling that Welsh is probably a bit more difficult to learn but everybody likes a trier!†† :D

sinister smile 07/10/18 13:06

I thought French was hard and was never very good at it so I wouldn't stand a chance with Welsh, yet I love to hear it spoken because it just sounds really nice. Are you one of those that can pick up languages easily ?†

MD 07/10/18 12:53

The bus broke down coming home last week so passengers were entertaining themselves.† I got chatting to an elderly couple from Sedgely and the woman behind me asked if she could hear Birmingham voices.† We all three shouted with one voice "NO!"† I told the Sedgley woman that I was born in the Rosemary Ednam Nursing Home. Turns out that's where her kids were born.

As you know ...... I spent 15 years in France and when I said I was thinking of returning to the UK ....... daughter was living in Devon and invited me to stay until I found somewhere.† That's what brought me here and I love it but I'm getting itchy feet.† I fancy trying Wales.† Now that would be a clash of languages.†† :D

sinister smile 07/10/18 12:45

It's being asked whether i'm a Brummie that gets me mad, It's us that spake poper not the rest of the country lol. It shows what a small world we are in when you can bump into a mate of someone from your first arrest. I think Devon is a lovely area to be and I reckon I could give up the Black Country quite easily to live there.

MD 07/10/18 12:31

I love the thought of a wall to keep the Brummies out† ....... and the Yam Yams in!††† I'm still trying to learn this Devon language but I don't think it's working ....... the Black Country tongue refuses to be controlled.† Mind you ...... there are so many midlands people here ..... and not just on holiday. The other day I bumped into a man from Bilston who turned out to be the best mate of the first man I arrested.† We had a wonderful discussion about Willenhall.† I'm full of nostalgia for the Black Country but I don't think I could go back there to live.† Family are not there. See ...... you're lucky to have a mother-in-law.†† LOL!

sinister smile 07/10/18 12:24

Oh yes she is brilliant, she also did a film which was hilarious. So miserable but funny, reminds me of my mother inlaw :)


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