Buffalo Trace Distillery - Blanton Bottling

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Buffalo Trace Distillery - Blanton Bottling
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Buffalo Trace Distillery - Blanton Bottling

6 hours ago

Buffalo Trace Distillery - Blanton Bottling

9 hours ago

Buffalo Trace Distillery - Blanton Bottling

12 hours ago

Buffalo Trace Distillery - Blanton Bottling

15 hours ago

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Comments (20)

MD 06/05/18 18:18

Hi Bill ...... and it would be just your luck not to be looking if something did fall.    :D

bill dude 06/05/18 16:35

The guy on the end, boxing everything always makes me nervous. He is constantly walking away and I think something will fall off the end.
Hasn't happened yet, guess I am a worry wart

MD 03/11/17 19:31

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!    That took me right back.  I love it in the summer when we get an influx of holidaymakers. There are always plenty of people who speak exactly like that ...... (like I do) and it's so easy to pinpoint exactly where they come from. You can say one thing about our part of the midlands ...... it definitely has a regional accent. Makes me feel quite nostalgic.  :D

sinister smile 03/11/17 19:14

It may be a lovely part of the country but they doe know ow ter spake proper loike we do :)

MD 03/11/17 19:01


I'm trying to get my little bit of Devon to adopt "bostin" but I'm meeting pockets of resistance.  :D

sinister smile 03/11/17 18:32

Thanks for the link, those pictures of fry ups look bostin. That was the only part of factory work i enjoyed, a nice sarnie eaten with slightly oily hands from the machinery.  Those that had the yolks firm i hope they got help for their mental health problems and have been rehabilitated to enjoy their eggs the way they should be lol :)

MD 03/11/17 17:51

Hi Sinister Smile ....... I haven't been to the midlands for a long time. I was in Wednesfield for a few days in 2009 but that's it. I've just checked on Google and the cafe is still there. It's Bab's Cafe ..... she used to live next door and took over when my mom retired. We used to do take-away orders for the surrounding factories. Our most popular sandwich was a BEST .... bacon, egg, sausage and tomato. We had a couple of customers who wanted the egg yolks cooked firmly. I had to write BEST hard egg on the bags. Personally ..... I prefer the bacon and egg sandwich you described. LOL



sinister smile 03/11/17 17:35

MD no one could get fed up of bacon, especially on thick bread with an egg that oozes down your arms when you take a bite. I think there is still a cafe on Dangerfield Lane, although i haven't been up that end for a while.

MD 03/10/17 13:45

Hi Sinister Smile ..... my mom and I had a cafe in Dangerfield Lane, Wednesbury. I never, ever got fed up of eating bacon.  LOL

sinister smile 03/10/17 13:17

I wonder if they enjoy a tipple of this in their free time? or are they sick of seeing it at the end of the week.

Morning Sunrise 12/05/16 19:33

Such a small distillery.  It looks like you could stand at one end and piss off the other!

isaiah A. 11/20/16 20:17

there was a bunch of people standing around staring at some guy talking.

Rain Shadow 10/18/16 00:11

This camera has controls http://camera.buffalotrace.com

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 10/12/14 19:27

Green thumb please. Duplicate Cam.

kyle 03/02/13 02:56

Yeah, a friend showed me that one a few days ago, never occured to me to do that hahahahaha live n learn sweetie

MD 02/28/13 17:02

Hi Kyle.  Never thought of looking up the distillery until you mentioned.  I checked with Wikipedia and there has been a distillery operating on this spot since 1773. They are noted for their Buffalo Trace bourbon.

On another matter, you told me how to enlarge the picture by ctrl button and +.  Doing this I can only click 4 times and that's it, maximum enlargement.  Quite by chance I found that after 4 clicks, it's possible to enlarge further by using ctrl button and scrolling on the mouse.

kyle 02/28/13 06:42

I really dont know for sure without looking up the distillery, but the bottles remind me of a brandy bottle is all, Ive in my past seen many brandy bottles, and these look like them, I had a penchant for nice Brandy back years, dont drink now, havent since 85. So could be special Whisky.

Oh, hi kiddo

MD 02/27/13 18:01

I always assumed this was whisky, don't know why. In France there's a place called Cognac where there are lots of brandy distilleries. The air smells of brandy.  I swear you could get drunk on the fumes!

kyle 02/27/13 12:21

Looks like Brandy being boxed according to the bottle, haha i loved the comment about it being beer


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