St. Stephen's Basilica

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St. Stephen's Basilica
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St. Stephen's Basilica

14 hours ago

St. Stephen's Basilica

17 hours ago

St. Stephen's Basilica

20 hours ago

St. Stephen's Basilica

23 hours ago

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Comments (151)

MD 12/06/17 02:11

Hahahaha!!!!  I did one year of Latin when I was 11. I showed no aptitude for it so they threw me out of that class and made me do German. And that was a waste of time ..... I just couldn't get to grips with it. I was so relieved when I did French and could manage it!!!!   :D


stargzr 12/06/17 01:31

P.S.  On the other hand, I can read my Dr.'s prescriptions!  :D

stargzr 12/06/17 01:01

Absolutely....go for it!  I took 3 years of Latin and I know that's pretty much the root of the romance languages but doubt I can get by with it in Rome!!!!!!

MD 12/06/17 00:49

Stargzr ..... the roots of French, Spanish and Italian are pretty similar.  I can get by in Spanish and understand Italian but don't get much chance to practise speaking it.  However ...... I've found a holiday in France and Italy with the same company ..... so next October ........ who knows????   :D

stargzr 12/06/17 00:10

MD, I am SO envious of your upcoming trip......can't wait to hear all about it!  Spanish:  yet another language I can't speak despite having a daughter who teaches it (not the same daughter who lived in Paris.)  I figure as long as I have one of them with me, I can go anywhere. :D

MD 12/05/17 21:54

What a lucky daughter!!!!  I love Paris.  I lived on the mediterranean coast and we had difficulty understanding a lot of the Parisian visitors. Prior to that I lived near the Spanish border, just above the Catalan region. The language there was a mixture ...... some French .... some Spanish ... and a mixture.  All places have their regional dialects and "school french" is very basic.  I'm so looking forward to January when I'm going to Spain via France.

stargzr 12/05/17 21:44

I know what you mean, MD.  My daughter lived in Paris for a year, teaching English to French students and when I went to visit her I found I could read all the Metro signs, etc., just fine but speaking the language was laughable!  Thank goodness she is fluent, 'cause my American- school French stinks.  :D

MD 12/05/17 21:12

Maybe I should say that I spoke French before I went to live there ...... I still have my certificates  ..... but it's French the way the English teach it.  The way they speak it is very different.  However  ... it wasn't a waste of schooling because it means I can read and write it.

Bless Google.    :D

stargzr 12/05/17 20:27

So true, Moose, which is why I use my "British English" dictionary and MD uses Google.  :)

Moose 12/05/17 20:03

They say that the USA and the UK are two countries separated by a common language.

stargzr 12/05/17 20:01

Double LOL  !!!!

MD 12/05/17 19:10

And of course ....... I learned a lot of "language" in the police force.  :D

I sometimes have to Google words in comments ..... often there is a big difference in the English and American version of the same word.

I lived in France for 15 years and for the first 7 yrs we had no English tv.  The French show lots of old UK progs on a channel called M6 but they don't put subtitles. The Avengers, Persuaders, The Professionals etc. If you look on Imdb you'll see what sort of series they are ...... all macho men and violence. I was able to learn a lot of French slang from them.   :D

stargzr 12/05/17 18:52

Love it, MD.  My French is EXTREMELY limited and I enjoy when you comment in that gives my brain a badly needed workout!  Knowing my love of British TV, (comedies, mysteries, dramas, etc., ) my friend gave me a "British English" dictionary which I am constantly checking.  It's an embarressment to me that we in this country are so mono-linguistic!  

MD 12/05/17 18:32

Stargzr  .... to keep up with my French I watch TF1 live tv. Now I'm learning Devon!!!   LOL

stargzr 12/05/17 17:45

aussi !

MD 12/05/17 17:40

Makes me wish I was there    .....

stargzr 12/05/17 17:37

A lovely festival of lights.....

indigo 11/08/17 08:49

Looks like getting ready for xmas decorations.

indigo 10/05/17 19:07

No snow here......

MD 09/29/17 11:12

Hi Indigo ..... it's true .....  :D


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