St. Stephen's Basilica

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St. Stephen's Basilica
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St. Stephen's Basilica

8 hours ago

St. Stephen's Basilica

11 hours ago

St. Stephen's Basilica

17 hours ago

St. Stephen's Basilica

20 hours ago

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Comments (134)

indigo 11/08/17 08:49

Looks like getting ready for xmas decorations.

indigo 10/05/17 19:07

No snow here......

MD 09/29/17 11:12

Hi Indigo ..... it's true .....  :D

indigo 09/29/17 09:44

Very funny MD :D

MD 09/27/17 11:37

I don't know but several cyclists have turned left!!!!!   :D

indigo 09/27/17 10:22

Now whats going on here ?

MD 09/02/17 13:06

Hi Indigo ..... I'd love to be there.  Looks like a market.

indigo 09/02/17 09:09

The fountain is not always on...

Moose 09/01/17 17:13

All the times I have looked at this square and I never noticed that cool fountain.

MD 09/01/17 11:41

I don't know but that big tent would be ideal for camping.  :D

indigo 09/01/17 10:59

Whats going on here today ?

MD 07/22/17 13:46

I wish I had the energy.  :D

indigo 07/22/17 10:33

running a marathon today...

indigo 06/16/17 09:10

There is the choo-choo train...

indigo 06/10/17 06:30

67 degrees F here right now...

Rain Shadow 05/21/17 15:33

A little train in the square.

indigo 05/11/17 07:58

Good to see green things again...

MD 04/02/17 12:36

Hi Indigo ...... nice weather they're having.     LOL!!!!

indigo 04/02/17 10:57

Sorry MD, I meant to say...policewoman...

Lets just drop the whole thing an say that they ignore whatever the bike rules are...

indigo 04/02/17 10:54

I agree with 48801, however since MD was a policeman I wont disagree  with her. I will agree to disagree..LOL


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