Buffalo Trace Distillery - Gift Shop

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Buffalo Trace Distillery - Gift Shop
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Buffalo Trace Distillery - Gift Shop

5 hours ago

Buffalo Trace Distillery - Gift Shop

8 hours ago

Buffalo Trace Distillery - Gift Shop

11 hours ago

Buffalo Trace Distillery - Gift Shop

14 hours ago

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Comments (19)

Jillian Williams 10/02/16 00:35

Try http:// m.facebook.com/BrittaBlvd

Mira Bilis 11/25/14 17:09

They have their Christmas tree up.

trix abound 09/07/14 00:21

i'm going to go make brownies...my innerds love brownies....yummmmmm

trix abound 09/07/14 00:20


MD 09/07/14 00:04

Mira Bilis... our first French home was in the Corbieres wine district. We had lots of fun wine tasting and we certainly didn't spit it out!

Mira Bilis 09/06/14 23:30

LOL ... no worries Trix ... it's definitely an aquired taste for many. :)

MD ... I was in heaven when we visited the Glemorangie and Dalwhinnie distilleries a few years back.  ;)

trix abound 09/06/14 23:26

no matter how smooth they say it is my throat regurgitates it before it ever hits my stomach....sorry %D

MD 09/06/14 23:14

Mira... I bow to your better knowledge!!!!  :D

Mira Bilis 09/06/14 22:31

MD, if you look at the ingredients and distilling processes for scotch single malt whisky and bourbon, they are rather different ... and that makes all the difference to me.  ;)


MD 09/06/14 22:22

Carol... very good!

Mira... I'm not a connoisseur of whisky or bourbon. So Buffalo Trace isn't whisky? Opentopia is so educational. :))

Mira Bilis 09/06/14 20:44

Good place for an office "awayday."

Mira Bilis 09/06/14 20:40
CAROL SCARBOROUGH 09/06/14 20:39

Yes MD 1 case, lol.

Mira Bilis 09/06/14 20:37

Cam page ... camera6.buffalotrace.com  ;)

Mira Bilis 09/06/14 20:34

It's not bad but I still prefer single malt whisky to bourbon.  ;)

MD 09/06/14 20:32

Just the one?????  LOL!

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 09/06/14 20:28

Lol, drink one for me too!!

MD 09/06/14 20:17

Carol, I was surprised to see that it had been 4 years since the previous comment. Then I noticed the link from luw/germany way back in 2006. Well worth a look. I'm sure I've seen Buffalo Trace on sale in the UK and now I've looked at that link..... I'm going to buy a bottle.  :D

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 09/06/14 19:09

A lot of tourists today.


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