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Harvard University - Science Center

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Harvard University - Science Center
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Harvard University - Science Center

1899 hours ago

Harvard University - Science Center

1902 hours ago

Harvard University - Science Center

1905 hours ago

Harvard University - Science Center

1908 hours ago

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Comments (11)

MD 06/04/18 13:03

Try  leaving just one comment full of crap instead of giving us double doses.

MD 03/24/18 14:47

Hi Moose ...... if the person who made the "old comment" is still around then I think it's quite acceptable to "carry on the conversation."

Zedyar once put a link that I clicked on.  I'd known him ages and he lives within striking distance of me. The darned link caused the cursor to not respond to the mouse.  It took me absolutely ages to get out of it  .... and the relief when I did was palpable.

Moose 03/24/18 14:07

Can I reply now or should I wait a few months?  I never click on them either.  I have plugged a couple of names into a translator and found them to refer to male body parts.  Now I don't do that anymore.

MD 03/24/18 13:31

Moose ...... going back to your comment on 08/26/17   12.22  ........ this cam seems to have become a dumping ground for links.  I never look at them.  I only trust links from people I know ........ and even that backfired on me once.

MD 02/27/18 14:02

Anna .... you couldn't possibly be as slow as I am.

MD 08/26/17 15:29

A man of few words.  :D

Moose 08/26/17 15:20

MD... I have seen Bluebottle's posts before.  This one is particularly eloquent.  "It"

MD 08/26/17 12:36

Moose ...... Bluebottle used to post on The Bench and still comes back from time to time.

As for those links ..... I never click on a link unless it's from someone I know and trust.

Moose 08/26/17 12:22

Some old comments from folks I have not seen before.  What is the story with these free game people?

MD 08/26/17 12:13

Another one I haven't looked at before.


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