Note: We've had trouble contacting this cam recently. Live views probably aren't available.
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Puritan Ave
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Puritan Ave

63352 hours ago

Puritan Ave

63358 hours ago

Puritan Ave

63364 hours ago

Puritan Ave

63370 hours ago

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Comments (20)

DD 03/04/14 03:25

Sure do miss the old webcam, the new cam site isn't as clear. But, guess it'll have to do.. Loved the Opentopia site.

N Q 01/23/14 02:20

David thanks for posting the new link to this cam. I've missed viewing this cam, I used to always check it out in the morning to see what kind of weather was headed my way till it went offline.

Click onto About/Contact at the bottom of Opentopia and contact them with the new cam info and let them know it replaces this cam with the new cam.

David Hamiga 01/10/14 21:35

This is the new link to the camera - please update the site as required.

dona brantley 06/26/13 05:25

well lit my kind of site 

MD 02/10/13 22:42

Hi Kyle. At first glance I just thought the cam was out of focus. Then I realized it was snowing. And how!

kyle 02/10/13 17:41

oh my, these folks are getting slammed, I thought this area was spared the storm

kyle 12/31/12 23:01

Gracie, this is a wonderful picturesk place, good find, and glad to find you kid, Happy New Year,

Gracie 02/29/12 17:11

Seems a very popular Cam, but not much in the line of comments since the New Year. Looks like a fresh covering of Snow.

mnsaint 12/27/11 21:13

Yes! Webcam is back up. Whew....

mnsaint 12/19/11 14:48

Oh no! I think the webcam is down!

DD 07/30/11 01:23

Where is everybody? There used to be lots of chatter on this site. This is my favorite city, still!

DD 03/19/11 02:21

I always come back to see Detroit Lakes, I try to look at my favorite town every day. Thanks for keeping the cam going..

mnsaint 01/29/11 00:32

My brother was right. I was getting a little "anxious" because I couldn't see if my hometown was still there. I'm so glad the webcam is back up and running again.

DD 01/27/11 18:40
Wonderful! Camera's on, and all is well..Each season is a treat.
Bob 01/20/11 20:53
Thanks for getting the webcam up and running. My brother, Steve, was experiencing withdrawal symptoms and becoming a suicide risk. You may have saved a life with you prompt attention and action.
Terry 01/18/11 20:26
Yeah, DL!! Thanks for getting it back...
DH 01/14/11 16:45
I just emailed DL Public works, hopefully they will restore the camera when they can.
Darren 01/14/11 04:54
Please fix the camera....I need my fix!
Marcus 01/13/11 22:31
Waaaah! I want my DL!
WHAT'S HAPPENED? 01/11/11 14:57

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