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Eindhoven University of Technology

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Eindhoven University of Technology
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Eindhoven University of Technology

51109 hours ago

Eindhoven University of Technology

51115 hours ago

Eindhoven University of Technology

51120 hours ago

Eindhoven University of Technology

51127 hours ago

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Comments (18408)

trix abound 11/20/19 15:40

Good afternoon MD....36 and cloudy :(

MD 11/20/19 13:07

Good morning Trix ..... oh dear.  Part of me thinks is it wise to delay but a bigger part of me thinks that's exactly what I'd do.  See what your primary says   ....... she might even agree with you. 

I'm off to the hairdresser ...... time to top up the purple!

trix abound 11/20/19 01:46

MD....the renal place called to set up an appointment...all the choices are 2 hours  drive or I'm calling my primary in the morning to let her know aI'm not going until next year...after the holidays.

trix abound 11/20/19 00:56

thats too bad...I'm having mac and cheese tomorrow....I think the United Way helps the MOW with money and the clients can donate too, if they want.

MD 11/19/19 22:51

I think you are very lucky with those meals.  Indigo, in Wisconsin, isn't very happy with his meals on wheels. This is what he had to say on a day when the temperature was 5F :

Meals on wheels food has been crappy lately, had watered down veg soup today with tuna salad sandwiches, that's just a sampling of what the food has been like lately.

trix abound 11/19/19 19:41

lunch was wonderful.

MD 11/19/19 14:20

Lunch sounds yummy.

MD 11/19/19 14:20

Over tired and (sometimes - in my own case)  over thinking every little twinge.  Several times I've lay there thinking this is it  .... and worrying that I didn't wash up or get my laundry done.  Not nice.

trix abound 11/19/19 14:16

hmmmmm....seafood quiche today with broccoli...

trix abound 11/19/19 14:00

I told daughter I may be going to the hospital but it got better when I went to bed....probably over tired.

MD 11/19/19 12:56

Good morning Trix .......  I didn't expect to see you so early ....  I've been doing jigsaw puzzles.

Chest pains ....  I always immediately think heart attack!!!!  Frightening.  I'm glad you feel ok now.

50 and watery sunshine here and that's the hottest it will get.

trix abound 11/19/19 12:18

Good morning MD....was in a daze all day yesterday....was having chest pains last night so I went to bed early...fine now.

34 outside and pouring rain.

MD 11/18/19 11:18

Good morning Trix .... 47 and sunny .... not a cloud in the sky.  I've already been down town.

trix abound 11/18/19 01:18

yes they are.....

MD 11/18/19 00:48

Delicious roasted. 

trix abound 11/18/19 00:34

parsnips are good too.

MD 11/17/19 23:53

That's a nice meal.  Always tastes better when someone else cooks it.

Cauli is one of my favorites.  I find frozen cooks very well in the microwave.  BJ just got home from work.  Her bargains of the day are roast chicken chunks, bagged salad, parsnips, potatoes, cauliflower and gingerbread men.

trix abound 11/17/19 23:42

I love cauliflower....

daughter made rice, chicken and green beans for dinner....fudge for dessert.

MD 11/17/19 22:40

It's doing you good and you're enjoying it. Double bonus.

I've just watched someone cook cauliflower cheese with bacon bits in the sauce  .... on youtube.  I must remember that for next time I cook some.

trix abound 11/17/19 21:59

WOW...I guess it is good for me....need to get more.


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