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Eindhoven University of Technology

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Eindhoven University of Technology
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Eindhoven University of Technology

39433 hours ago

Eindhoven University of Technology

39439 hours ago

Eindhoven University of Technology

39444 hours ago

Eindhoven University of Technology

39451 hours ago

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Comments (11759)

trix abound 07/21/18 18:44

just had 1.

eating good this evening, aren't you?

MD 07/21/18 18:03

Off to BJ's for pork loin steaks.

MD 07/21/18 17:49

Our courts aren't making much sense.   Pathetic sentences for major crime but minor stuff gets dealt with harshly. 

Any phone calls yet?

trix abound 07/21/18 17:03

courts shouldn't make assumptions about things....doesn't sound legal!

MD 07/21/18 15:30

I was going to say we have the same weather but we now have 72.

Maybe you will have to email the bank.  I'd much rather have an envelope with all the relevant documents inside but it's not like that anymore.  Maybe court assumes you have a printer?

trix abound 07/21/18 15:23

oh my....I knew you weren't mocking me....but it is odd that we have to deal with courts that way...makes me wonder how I will get the paperwork needed for the bank etc...74 here and sunny...rain after mid-night.

MD 07/21/18 14:00

I wasn't mocking the time you spend on the internet ........  I'm on it from morning until early hours of the morning. :D

It annoys me that courts etc assume that everyone has a computer.  I know lots of people who don't.  What on earth's the matter with them sending an old fashioned letter?  Just so typical.

Pesky raccoons.

74 here but I don't think it'll get any hotter

trix abound 07/21/18 12:47

Good morning MD....thats true about the internet but...that is the only way the courts communicate with me.

65 out so far...I have to go out later....raccoons managed to get the top off my rubbish bin and threw the trash all over!

MD 07/21/18 12:40

Good morning Trix ............   losing the internet makes you realise how much time you spend on it!!!!

We had rain last night.  The air feels so much fresher today.

trix abound 07/21/18 01:02

O   M   G    the darn internet went out today for no reason but to drive me crazy....and it worked :)

MD 07/20/18 18:36

It says not to have too many samples at first ...... the best ones are at the end.   I'm already packing!!!!

Not really.   LOL

trix abound 07/20/18 18:16

LOL....I certainly don't encourage it.

gotta love free samples!!!!

MD 07/20/18 18:00

The travel agent sent me a brochure earlier.  I've just opened it.  There's the same trip to Spain but I found one to Switzerland that caught my eye ......... chocolate, cheese and wine tour.   You get samples!!!!!!!

Decisions, decisions.  :D

MD 07/20/18 17:33

You'd think he'd get fed up of ringing  .........  I'm quite sure you don't encourage him.  LOL

trix abound 07/20/18 16:53

yes...he called early this morning...sigh.............

MD 07/20/18 16:25

Yes ........ half price.  I only bought one box ....... maybe I should go back for more.   :D

It's down to 76 now ..... with a lovely breeze. 

Has he called today?

trix abound 07/20/18 15:38

Good afternoon MD....81 and far.

OMG....those chocolates look delicious...were they half price?

MD 07/20/18 10:44

Good morning Trix ...... it's going to be another hot day .... 73 already.

MD 07/20/18 00:32

Yes.  It really is hard work eating Black Magic chocolates for breakfast.  LOL!!!

trix abound 07/19/18 23:35

you had a very busy day!!


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