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Eindhoven University of Technology

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Eindhoven University of Technology
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Eindhoven University of Technology

50213 hours ago

Eindhoven University of Technology

50219 hours ago

Eindhoven University of Technology

50224 hours ago

Eindhoven University of Technology

50231 hours ago

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Comments (18135)

MD 10/13/19 13:54

Good morning Trix ..... it's 58F and sunny.  That's as warm as it's going to get but they say no rain.

MD 10/13/19 00:27

So am I  .... and it's only 1.30am.  LOL!

trix abound 10/12/19 22:33

LOL...I know....almost ready to crash now.

MD 10/12/19 22:30

No matter what time you get up  .... there's still 24 hours in a day.   :D

trix abound 10/12/19 21:41

time flies when we're older...thats why I get up early.

MD 10/12/19 21:27

Good grief .... seems about 6 months ago.  I'd rather time fly by than go slow.

trix abound 10/12/19 20:42

yes...every october.

MD 10/12/19 20:40

Is the pumpkin festival once a year?   If so ..... that's gone by way too fast.

Busy days are good   .... from what I remember;  LOL!!!

trix abound 10/12/19 20:22

her dads band will be playing there...she doesnt like his music but she loves the festival :)


trix abound 10/12/19 20:20

shopping, dance class and pumpkin festival...busy day.

MD 10/12/19 19:12

It makes me realize how lucky we are in the UK   ......

New Hampshire has too much snow for me but the rest of it isn't bad.  :D

I wonder where daughter and g-daughter have got to.

trix abound 10/12/19 18:19 much more can people take???  so sad.

MD 10/12/19 17:44

How do you evacuate seven million people?

MD 10/12/19 16:48


trix abound 10/12/19 16:32

oh, I only do what I want!!!

MD 10/12/19 15:57

Don't do anything you don't want to do.  I find that one of the best things in living alone.

My mom would never let me color my hair  .... and neither would the police force at that time.  Maybe things have changed now.  Hubby disapproved of coloring hair.  That's possibly why I had it colored as soon as I left him.  LOL

Remember Indigo?  He had snow yesterday ... in Wisconsin.

trix abound 10/12/19 15:44

was going to buy some more jeans but it can wait...I have to measure my waist and I don't feel like it :)

trix abound 10/12/19 15:33

daughter uses those on A's hair, but she also lets her color it too.

MD 10/12/19 15:22

I have my hair "thinned" every 6 weeks. It grows like weeds.  The closest I've come to coloring it myself is by using hair mascara.  You brush in streaks of color with what looks like a mascara brush.  It washes out easily.  I have blue, fluorescent green, red, pink and sparkly stuff.  I haven't used it since I started having my hair colored by the hairdresser.  I wouldn't have the nerve to color it myself.

If your hair comes back white ....  color it. Mine brightens my day.

trix abound 10/12/19 14:44

I've always done it at home...but I never had thick, lush hair either.


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