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Eindhoven University of Technology

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Eindhoven University of Technology
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Eindhoven University of Technology

45357 hours ago

Eindhoven University of Technology

45363 hours ago

Eindhoven University of Technology

45368 hours ago

Eindhoven University of Technology

45375 hours ago

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Comments (15396)

MD 03/25/19 16:58

I just don't have enough breath for climbing.  Are you still using your oxygen?

trix abound 03/25/19 16:11

not at all!!!

MD 03/25/19 14:32

So you dont like steep hills either????   LOL

trix abound 03/25/19 14:25

I just let her use it between my works out better because she can't see me pull in at her house and I would have to walk up a steep hill to get to it.

MD 03/25/19 13:41

Oh Trix ......  I'm sad about your car.  I know daughter with kids takes you to appointments but are you sure you should have parted with your car?

trix abound 03/25/19 13:11

I guess I could put it on now....daughter w/kids has my car!!!

trix abound 03/25/19 13:10

LOL....back 40 years ago when I got it, we didn't want to be noticed.

MD 03/25/19 12:51

It would have given people a good laugh.  I wish I had a car ..... and such a license plate holder. LOL

trix abound 03/25/19 12:47

LOL....I never dared to.

MD 03/25/19 12:13

That is absolutely brilliant!!!!!!   You should put it on the car.  LOL

trix abound 03/25/19 11:48

LOL....I have a license plate holder that goes on the says...grass, gas or a**...nobody rides for free!!!

my father-in-law got it for me.

MD 03/25/19 11:40

That's why I want to get rid of my stuff.   LOL!!!!

Blackboard paint is a good idea.  The things you can get these days  .......

trix abound 03/25/19 11:26 kids will be shocked by what I have!!!!

trix abound 03/25/19 11:25

we're thinking about doing 1 wall with blackboard paint.

MD 03/25/19 10:12

That would be good ...... a room of her own ...... a proper home-from-home.

Now I feel I ought to start throwing my stuff out so that nobody else has to do it.  :D

trix abound 03/25/19 09:30

I'm glad she's doing it's a very depressing room!!! we want to fix it up for g-daughter.

MD 03/25/19 08:56

I'm glad daughter is doing it for you.  I wouldn't like to have the job.  Hubby would probably go crazy if he knew his "treasure" was being thrown out.

trix abound 03/25/19 08:46

daughter has been cleaning out hubbys bedroom....5 leaf bags of trash!!!!!

trix abound 03/25/19 08:10

Good afternoon MD....43 here but should get up to wind.

MD 03/25/19 06:29

Good morning Trix ...... 55 and sunny ..... not a cloud in the sky and not a breath of wind.


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