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Eindhoven University of Technology

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Eindhoven University of Technology
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Eindhoven University of Technology

40921 hours ago

Eindhoven University of Technology

40927 hours ago

Eindhoven University of Technology

40932 hours ago

Eindhoven University of Technology

40939 hours ago

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Comments (12672)

MD 09/22/18 00:58

No wonder you got sidetracked!!!!!     :D

trix abound 09/22/18 00:33 sidetracked.....flier is for food and flowers and cat food and cleaners....basically...everything!!!

MD 09/21/18 20:06

Is that a sales flier for anything but food?

trix abound 09/21/18 19:31

oh my....Gucci?

got my weekly sales flier for next week.

MD 09/21/18 19:03

I've finished.  

Just been chatting to son.  He's bought his partner a Gucci bag for her birthday.  Emailed me pictures.  I dread to think how much it's cost.

trix abound 09/21/18 18:23

have you finished your list yet?

MD 09/21/18 16:16

Now NH is 63.  That's not fair!!!  

I'm just about to tweak my Tesco order.  That means removing some bad stuff and substituting good stuff.  And then on Tuesday evening I change it all back again.   :D

trix abound 09/21/18 15:44


MD 09/21/18 15:16

I just checked the forecasts again.  We have 59 .....   NH has 61.  All that ocean between us and we might as well be next door.  LOL!

trix abound 09/21/18 14:46

Good afternoon MD...yes, winter will be stopping it :(...very sad to see the sun set earlier every day.

MD 09/21/18 10:33

Good  morning Trix ....   I just checked the weather forecast ....... we both have 57F ........ your day will warm up ...... mine won't ....... you have clouds and we have sun with intermittent showers and it's very windy ........ winter's on its way.

trix abound 09/21/18 01:00


MD 09/21/18 00:05

I actually re-typed the end of that sentence several times.  LOL!!!!!!

trix abound 09/20/18 23:55

LOL....I thought you were going to say "with other people to irritate".

MD 09/20/18 22:01

He must be so fed up of being there.  He really will be better off when he's with other people in the same position.

trix abound 09/20/18 21:23

yes....he sounds weak too!

MD 09/20/18 21:04

Oh heck.   He sounds confused.  It'll be a good job when they move him.  Any news on that or didn't they call back?

trix abound 09/20/18 20:17

he asked me who that other girl was that went to California........I dunno!!!

MD 09/20/18 18:59

Did he say anything worth listening to?

trix abound 09/20/18 17:43

MD....been on the phone with hubby for 20 minutes now but he dropped the phone 15 minutes ago, so I had to wait for someone to enter his room and prop it up again!!!!!


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