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Eindhoven University of Technology

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Eindhoven University of Technology
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Eindhoven University of Technology

42879 hours ago

Eindhoven University of Technology

42885 hours ago

Eindhoven University of Technology

42890 hours ago

Eindhoven University of Technology

42897 hours ago

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Comments (14146)

MD 12/12/18 19:00

You didn't????  No!!!!!!!  Not you????  This must be some other job she got fired from???????

trix abound 12/12/18 18:33

LOL....she did just get fired from her job!!!!!!

MD 12/12/18 18:22

Yesterday I collected some of BJ's gifts that I'd paid for and left in the stores.  So simple.  I'll be doing the same next year.   When I lived in France BJ and I had a good system.  We had a sturdy plastic storage box.  I would fill it with wrapped gifts and post it to BJ.  She would unpack it and return the box to me, filled with her gifts.  We used that one box for about 10 years.  I don't like having to wrap.  It's a bind.

I knew she wouldn't turn up.  I don't have your patience.  For me ...... she's had several chances and it seems like she couldn't care less.  I'd be on the lookout for someone more reliable. However ..... I think you have the mindset that makes you feel that you would be letting her down by getting rid of her.  You are too kind for your own good.  Remember hubby had said he thought that members of the family would take advantage of you?????


trix abound 12/12/18 17:31

the dinner sounds delish....I could use a nice turkey dinner with all the fixings!!!!

trix abound 12/12/18 17:14

Good afternoon MD...I've been wrapping for 3 hours now and I'm quickly turning into a Scrooge!!!!!!

furnace guy called yesterday...said he can do the furnace Wednesday...for some stupid reason I said I called him this morning to get it done...still waiting.

no....she's not here...going to have to have a talk with her!!!!!...she keeps sending me damned messages....just show up for goodness sakes!!!!!!!!!

MD 12/12/18 15:57

Good morning Trix .........   I had a lovely meal ...... turkey and all the trimmings.  I think evening meal will be very late.  :D

MD 12/12/18 01:39

I just Googled how to give your hair more volume.  Some very strange ideas.

Did your cleaner come today?    I'm guessing no she didn't.  :D

trix abound 12/12/18 00:41

I would love to color my hair again but my hair has thinned out so much I don't think I could do much with it.

MD 12/11/18 21:15

My mom wouldn't have let me color my hair at that age ........ neither would the school.  I don't mind being a late starter.  I'm certainly making up for lost time.  :D

trix abound 12/11/18 20:13

I think of it as a safe thing for kids to be doing...both g-daughters are 10 now!!!

MD 12/11/18 19:44

I never colored my hair when I was young.  Then hubby didn't approve so once I'd left him ...... I entered my second childhood.  BJ thinks it's brilliant  ....... I saw her before she started her shift.  In 6 weeks time I'll probably be having another color  ...... so many to choose from.   LOL!!!!!

trix abound 12/11/18 19:29

my youngest g-daughters are always coloring their hair...they love the change.

trix abound 12/11/18 19:28

OMG....thats sounds beautiful :)

MD 12/11/18 18:01

Well ........ I've had my hair done.  Decided not to have much cut off.   My fringe/bangs?  white .....natural.  The rest was purple but I fancied something bright for Christmas.  Hairdresser suggested keeping the white and also some of the purple at the front to make a super fringe.  The rest is bright red.   It's Christmas!!!!!!    My next appointment is on the 22nd of Jan so it's straight from blood test to hairdresser.  She gave me a token for a chunk of money off any hair appointments I have in January and February so I shall go again on the 26th of Feb.  Remember I once put a link to rainbow roots???  I shall get them eventually.   LOL

trix abound 12/11/18 14:05

LOL....of course you're eating chocolate...HAHAHAHAHA

MD 12/11/18 13:40

49 here and so far ...... it's not raining.  I'm off to the hairdresser shortly.  I'm still purple but wondering if I should have some red highlights  ....... I'm out to a Christmas lunch tomorrow.   Red and purple would look quite festive.  LOL!!!

I'm not sure about the crackling cookies but I wouldn't rule them out.  Don't mock it 'til you've tried it.

I'm sure you could guess this but I'm eating celebratory chocolate.   :D

trix abound 12/11/18 13:16

Good morning MD....thats wonderful news....take a look at Susans journal for yesterday......cracklings in chocolate chip cookies????

6 degrees here!!!!

MD 12/11/18 11:43

Good morning Trix ..........  another good blood test.  Next one is 22nd of January.  Yaaaaaaay!!!!!!

MD 12/11/18 01:17

These young uns need guidance.  LOL!!!!!

trix abound 12/11/18 00:34

LOL....I know...Iknow......


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