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Eindhoven University of Technology
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Eindhoven University of Technology

51647 hours ago

Eindhoven University of Technology

51653 hours ago

Eindhoven University of Technology

51658 hours ago

Eindhoven University of Technology

51665 hours ago

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Comments (18508)

MD 12/08/19 15:06

Good morning  Trix ......  I see you have sunshine today.

MD 12/07/19 15:04

Good morning Trix ..... will A be visiting today?

MD 12/06/19 15:46

LOL!!!!  Thank you phantom question marker.   :D

MD 12/06/19 13:23

Good morning Trix ..... I see my comments have been embellished with question marks.  Quite eye catching.

I see you are expecting snow today.

How are you feeling?

MD 12/05/19 13:25

Good morning Trix ......  I hope your Thanksgiving dinners went down well.  :D

MD 12/04/19 12:46

Good morning Trix  ..... I see your forecast says snow.  I hope it's wrong.

MD 12/03/19 16:36

Hello trix .....  had a good blood result this morning and then went to Newton Abbot for celebratory shopping.  Next check is in February.

I went past this sign on my way:

Soon be your lunch time.  LOL!

trix abound 12/03/19 03:42

LOL...I know....I can't wait...Meals on Wheels didn't make it today...

MD 12/03/19 02:27

That's good news  .... nice to get an update that's favorable.

I just noticed your comment about 2 Thanksgiving dinners ......  yummy.

trix abound 12/03/19 01:56

well the amount has dropped from 10 inches....

MD 12/03/19 01:52

I don't think I could have contemplated having another baby if I'd got an 18yr old. Too much like hard work.  :D

Yes .... it is a shame.  I have no idea where they live. My friends have a 20yr old and I send him gifts as if he's a grandson and I treat my old friend's grandson as if he's my own.  Obviously it's not the same but we 3 get something out of it.

This is Winchester's weather report:

Winter Storm Warning New Hampshire 5 hours ago – National Weather Service


That's not good.

trix abound 12/03/19 01:44

daughter plated 2 Thanksgiving dinners for me and put them in the fridge for tomorrow.

trix abound 12/03/19 00:46

thats a only hurts the kids.....

trix abound 12/03/19 00:43

WOW...spred apart nicely...

my own kids are 49, 46, 39, 36, 31...I have no idea how old the g-kids are...too many of them.

MD 12/02/19 23:49

3   ......  21, 16 and 14.   I lived in France when all of them were born so I only saw them when I came to the UK for vacations ..... once a year.  Son got divorced and it was acrimonious so I never get to see them at all.

trix abound 12/02/19 23:29

I had forgot you had many?

MD 12/02/19 19:25

I've received 2 Christmas cards already and they are weighing on me.  For some reason I find doing cards a chore.  Most of them are sent to people I haven't seen for years and the last communication with them is last year's Christmas card.   :D

trix abound 12/02/19 18:29

LOL....I love snow on Christmas cards.

MD 12/02/19 18:18

7 meds ..... you must be rattling! I say never do today what you can put off for a week or two. :D

I hope you don't get more snow.  Looks pretty on Christmas cards but that's it.

trix abound 12/02/19 18:02

true procastinators....

I got my 7 meds out today and took a nap waitng for daughter to come out of her room to heat up my coffee so I coud take them...when she came out, the pills were gone..hoping the cats didn't eat them....then I opened the laptop and there they were.

not snowing yet...


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