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Eindhoven University of Technology

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Eindhoven University of Technology
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Eindhoven University of Technology

42223 hours ago

Eindhoven University of Technology

42229 hours ago

Eindhoven University of Technology

42234 hours ago

Eindhoven University of Technology

42241 hours ago

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Comments (13622)

trix abound 11/15/18 02:22

there were also times when he wanted me to go with him to live in Florida....I fear how he would have treated me then.

trix abound 11/15/18 02:19

LOL....BFF was the one I ranted to!

MD 11/15/18 02:12

I thought it was very like your hubby.  All those times he said he was leaving.   BFF obviously knew him well.

trix abound 11/15/18 01:26

BFF told me he was "lying by omission".

trix abound 11/15/18 01:23

wow...I just saw the comment about the narcissist...very close to hubby!

MD 11/15/18 00:52

It's 51 here and it's almost 1am.   Very odd.

I never buy sausage but I eat it at BJ's.  She wraps bacon round it and bakes it in the oven.  I could just fancy some bacon right now.

trix abound 11/15/18 00:45's 24 wonder my feet are cold!

trix abound 11/15/18 00:20

HAHAHAHA....I had eggs and sausage for dinner and it didn't settle proper...ugh

MD 11/14/18 23:42

Oh yeah??????    LOL

trix abound 11/14/18 23:07

well I had no idea :P

MD 11/14/18 23:07

I read this and first of all it reminded me of Trump ....... but one of the comments reminded me of your hubby  ...... when he kept threatening/promising to leave.

MD 11/14/18 22:32

My dad used to call me that.  :D

trix abound 11/14/18 22:26

LOL....not you????

MD 11/14/18 22:15

Trix ......  I actually put "Hard Hearted Hannah" about myself on a cam yesterday.  :D

trix abound 11/14/18 20:54

LOL...I'm not hard hearted....the government is :)

MD 11/14/18 19:14

Hi stargzr ...... that's me.   LOL!!!!!

MD 11/14/18 19:14

And now that Judge has set a precedent you an bet there will be zillions of other claimants coming forward. Meanwhile .....  the UK is plastered with foodbanks.  There is a collection site in our little place and food is distributed at the local church ......... to people who actually live in the UK who can't afford to eat.

stargzr 11/14/18 19:13

Hard Hearted Hannah !   :D

trix abound 11/14/18 18:36

what a crock that is...

proof...they should have to prove everything they say!!

MD 11/14/18 18:26

OMG!!!!!!!!!!   One thing I don't need is the munchies ...... just eaten 2 cornettos. 

I'm glad they sorted out your car.

You might have heard that the UK has millions of illegal immigrants and they seem to manage to get money out of us.   I've just read of a woman who has never even lived in the UK, she's Romanian, and a Romanian court has said she is entitled to benefit money from the UK.  Article says her husband is in the UK but they don't know where.  If they don't know where he is ...... he could be back living with her in Romania.  I live in such a stupid country.


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