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Eindhoven University of Technology

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Eindhoven University of Technology
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Eindhoven University of Technology

34226 hours ago

Eindhoven University of Technology

34232 hours ago

Eindhoven University of Technology

34237 hours ago

Eindhoven University of Technology

34244 hours ago

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Comments (8520)

MD 12/16/17 19:30

Off to BJ's.

MD 12/16/17 18:06

Must be something wrong with my anatomy ....... I just stood up to check out hubby's theory. LOL!!!

trix abound 12/16/17 17:30

I think he has a stomach he says, in order to stand up, he has to use the same muscles as he would for know....p***ing!!!!

MD 12/16/17 16:42

I think I'd be ringing his doctor. And my own doctor. You need to get it on record. I'm sure he wouldn't do it on purpose so he must be ill. A spell in hospital might do you both good ...... with luck you might have Christmas in peace.

I have to get a gift for son but I'll have it sent directly to him.

trix abound 12/16/17 16:13

PS....I told him I deserve clams and haddock now!!!!!!

trix abound 12/16/17 16:12

OMG.....he did it again :(

on the bright side, my orders for x-mas are coming in very quickly...I just started last week!!

MD 12/16/17 14:54

Oh Trix ....... I can't imagine doing that for someone I cared for ..... let alone a person I can't stand. And from his viewpoint .... how can he look you in the eye?   So embarrassing for both of you. 

I'm glad I read it after I'd finished my party food from yesterday. Went to a party and there was lots of stuff left over. I came home with a doggie bag filled with savory food and another bag with 2 slices of fruit cake and a mince pie. I had some for tea and the rest for lunch. It wouldn't have tasted half so good if I'd read your comments first.

trix abound 12/16/17 14:44

LOL....I haven't done that since I had babies in the house.

MD 12/16/17 14:16

Good morning Trix ..... if someone woke me at 3am - he'd be needing hospital treatment!   :D


trix abound 12/16/17 12:40

Good morning MD....someone woke me at 3am needing a cleaning!!!

trix abound 12/16/17 03:07

he really should be in a nursing home!!

MD 12/16/17 02:08

I'd be a nervous wreck.

trix abound 12/16/17 01:41

hubby just fell again.....

MD 12/16/17 00:26

I think she has amazing fortitude.

How's your hubby today?

trix abound 12/15/17 21:59

poor much happening in her life now.

MD 12/15/17 21:11

Dona's been thinking of us .......

MD 12/15/17 20:13

You just can't rely on him.  Well .... you can rely on him to be a nuisance.  :D

trix abound 12/15/17 20:02

he cancelled....too cold....his legs would stop working as soon as he got outside!!!!

MD 12/15/17 18:17

I'd love to be a fly on the wall when he's having the needles put in.  I hope he's bringing you something back.

trix abound 12/15/17 11:48

Good morning's -3 here....hubby see's the acupuncturist today!


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