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Eindhoven University of Technology

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Eindhoven University of Technology
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Eindhoven University of Technology

48192 hours ago

Eindhoven University of Technology

48198 hours ago

Eindhoven University of Technology

48203 hours ago

Eindhoven University of Technology

48210 hours ago

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Comments (17126)

MD 07/21/19 11:48

Ps ........  King George coin  ......... ignore my last comment and get that detector working.  LOL!!!!!!

MD 07/21/19 11:46

I never got anywhere near with the cube.  No aptitude for it and too little patience.

Don't get involved in messing with the detector.  You can do without the hassle.  I can't remember if I told you but when I lived in France ....... a neighbour had come back from a holiday in Switzerland and wanted to ring the hotel to say how much she'd enjoyed herself.  Goodness knows why she didn't tell them while she was there but anyway ..... she kept dialling the number on her cellphone and couldn't get through.  She actually had a stroke. Later ..... hubby noticed she'd been dialling the wrong code for Switzerland.   As simple as that.

trix abound 07/21/19 11:18

as for that darned cube.....1 shy of beating every time !!!!!

trix abound 07/21/19 11:15

I was just watching these guys in New Hampshire that do metal detecting in the state....they just found a king george 2nd coin....

trix abound 07/21/19 11:13

LOL....I'm tempted to check it out but my head says "not yet"........

MD 07/21/19 10:28

Over 60f ....... not too cold.

About the metal detector .......  like me ...... you'd think how hard can it be?   I like puzzles. I do jigsaws every day.  Sudoku, crosswords, etc  and I hate to be beaten.  When the kids were about 8 and 9 I bought them a rubik's cube.   I ended up bouncing it off the floor and it broke.  I took it back and they gave me a replacement.  I got a notepad and did various moves with the cube, documenting the 6 sides at every stage.  When I'd finally finished,  I told the kids we would be able to solve it  ....... no matter how many times they "jumbled it up."  Do I need to tell you??????????   Fortunately they had the good sense to keep it away from me when I found my masterplan had failed.   LOL!!!

trix abound 07/21/19 10:21

MD....I'm watching the Open Golf Championship in Northern Ireland....looks very cold there.

trix abound 07/21/19 10:07

LOL....well I knew I shouldn't have even tried.......

MD 07/21/19 09:06

Pick blueberries first then swim off the stain.  LOL!

MD 07/21/19 09:05

I have absolutely no patience at all with doing things like that.  At this point I would be taking it apart and starting again.  If it didn't assemble after that  ...... it would be in the box on its way back to from whence it came.  :D

trix abound 07/21/19 08:46

I'm sure I must have put something on up-side down on the handle/pole part......

trix abound 07/21/19 08:42

their picking blueberries too.

MD 07/21/19 08:19

I used to love going swimming.  A while ago I went to aqua aerobic classes with a neighbour.  It was fun in the water but the next days I ached so badly.  The class was twice a week.  I found I wasn't recovering from the aches quick enough so I stopped going.

Maybe daughter will have a look at the detector.  So frustrating.

trix abound 07/21/19 08:07

I can't seem to get the bottom of the detector to lay flat like it should......

daughter left this morning with a full cooler and towels....I think their going swimming .....I asked for chicken for dinner.

MD 07/21/19 07:32

I read the forecast for your area yesterday.  It's going to get even hotter. That breeze we had has turned into wind.

Be sure to keep cool and hydrated.  Have you any plans for what food you will have today?  Oh .... it's g-daughter day .....   I guess it could be anything.  Did you assemble the metal detector.  I bet A would love to have a go with that.

trix abound 07/21/19 07:13

86 here so far....getting up to 94.....

feeling good.

MD 07/21/19 06:11

Good morning Trix .......  I did.  It was delicious.

How are you today?

Sunny, 71, low humidity and a nice breeze here. 

trix abound 07/21/19 04:43

Good morning MD.....hope you enjoyed your dinner last evening.

MD 07/20/19 10:37

Oh.   Maybe play outside tomorrow?   LOL

I'm going to have Jersey Royal potatoes, salmon and peas with just a smidge of parsley sauce this evening.  Such hard work.   :D


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