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Eindhoven University of Technology
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Eindhoven University of Technology

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Eindhoven University of Technology

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Eindhoven University of Technology

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Eindhoven University of Technology

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Comments (18522)

Homely 03/14/23 19:30

MD - I came on to tell you that finally, after all this time, I found a source for fenugreek leaves. Miss seeing you here.

Homely 12/15/19 20:03

Let me know how you like it!

MD 12/15/19 20:01

She says olive oil can be used instead of ghee.  I have some.   I suppose I should start prepping.

Homely 12/15/19 19:54

Agree on the butter... and if you read that recipe closely she may even offer suggestions about how to do the recipe without the ghee.

MD 12/15/19 17:31

Tesco delivers my shopping ..... I get dried fenugreek from there but I'm out of it.  I don't use ghee at all.  Oh  .... I just looked and Tesco sell it  ...... but I still don't think I'd use it.  Butter has more uses.

Homely 12/15/19 17:01

I have to use substitutes for the various forms of fenugreek because it's hard to find here. Occasionally can find ground seeds, but they are so bitter... never can find the leaves. I always look up subs online and then figure out which one best fits the flavor profile in the particular recipe for which i need it. And ghee, sometimes I use it, sometimes I don't. 

MD 12/15/19 15:31

The only ingredients I'm missing are fenugreek and ghee.  I actually have frozen, cooked lentils in the freezer.  I buy them like that ... saves soaking and cooking.

Homely 12/15/19 15:27

Yes, that one is on my list! Let me know how it turns out!

MD 12/15/19 15:16

I like the look of that Indian shepherd's pie ...... and I have enough of the ingredients to try it today.  I tend to eat more vegetables and pulses than meat or poultry.  I like turkey but only have it at Christmas and New Year.

MD 12/15/19 15:13
Homely 12/15/19 15:05

Let's try that again:

Homely 12/15/19 15:04

Basically, it's a vegan diet, plus turkey and shellfish. And I hate turkey! I've had to learn to like it better :-). We are having a lot of Indian dishes, for sure. But it's just another challenge - I've enjoyed learning some new cooking styles and methods. However, we have rather sophisticated palates and vegan cooking is anything but that. 

I've found a website by a woman who is now a caterer but who formerly owned a vegetarian restaurant. Her recipes often are either vegan or contain tips on how to 'vegan-ize' them, and they are the sort of food that we prefer. Her food photography is also lovely! You can find her here:


MD 12/14/19 22:03

You didn't tell me about those allergies.  It doesn't leave much to eat.

Homely 12/14/19 21:56

Ahhh, the chicken mutiny! The family still haven't gotten over it! However, some months ago we learned that DH is allergic to chicken... as well as beef, pork, lamb, salmon... basically all meats but shellfish and turkey (Have I told you this already?), plus oats, barley, soy, sesame, and certain nuts. Meal planning and cooking has gotten a lot more tricky around here!


Had to stop with the clues... realized I needed to write them all offline so I didn't lose track of where i put them! Did that, and bookmarked the proper pages, but now am out of time and must get ready for the party. More later!

MD 12/14/19 21:50

I remember you doing meal planning that involved chicken every day.  I think there was almost a family mutiny. LOL

Mall died in 2016 and I think that was a real body blow for Trix. To lose her daughter in such awful circumstances was such a shock and I don't think she really got over it.   And now the daughter who lived with Trix will be living alone.  I just can't imagine how hard that will be.  I hope the card and letter will lift her spirits.

Homely 12/14/19 21:32

I still can't get over what a lovely gesture this was, MD. I do hope DD is uplifted when she gets your card. I've been going back and looking at some of our posts from long ago. I'd forgotten how much we all used to enjoy sharing recipes and talking about meal planning together. The last few years have been so very tough for dear Trix.

MD 12/14/19 20:43

Silver Squirrel ..... as I walked down town to get the card, it occurred to me how many people had chatted with Trix from time to time.  By the time I got to the post office - which sells the cards -  I had a whole string of names from past and present.  I helped myself to the card and filled it in as I waited in the post office queue.  I've always got a notepad in my purse so I wrote a covering letter to explain. The girl at the counter laughed when I explained why I'd opened the card and written in it before paying for it.  She laughed even more when I told her some of the names.  I wanted the daughter at home to know that Trix really appreciated what she did for her.

Silver Squirrel 12/14/19 19:56

MD, thank you for being so thoughtful to name those of us who enjoyed this site with you and Trix.  Pancreatic cancer is indeed a nasty disease.  

MD 12/14/19 18:08

It was pancreatic cancer ...  and she had tumors on a lung.  The survival rate for pancreatic cancer is only 8%.  Trix didn't want to know the details .... even from her doctors .... telling them she was in denial and that it was a nice place to be.  I think she was amazingly upbeat.  I really miss her.

I sent a condolence card and your name was in it ... along with as many people that I could remember who chatted with her.  I included an explanatory note to explain why there were so many odd names  .... like Moose etc.

Silver Squirrel 12/14/19 17:52

MD, I'm so very sorry.  I knew she was fighting cancer but thought she was stable.  I'm sad for her family for their loss,

especially this time of year. 


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