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Eindhoven University of Technology

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Eindhoven University of Technology
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Eindhoven University of Technology

47432 hours ago

Eindhoven University of Technology

47438 hours ago

Eindhoven University of Technology

47443 hours ago

Eindhoven University of Technology

47450 hours ago

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Comments (16737)

MD 06/20/19 04:07

Good morning Trix.

MD 06/19/19 06:42

Good morning Trix.

MD 06/18/19 04:16

Good morning Trix  ........  I hope you slept well.

60F, windy and looking like rain.

MD 06/17/19 06:47

Good morning Trix ....... being happy is what it's all about.   This first link is what the experts think we should have:

but the foods on this link have the same effect ...... but must be more fun .... though I've never had a burger:

Did you sleep well?

trix abound 06/16/19 14:53

yes....I'm happy now....I've been fed...LOL

MD 06/16/19 13:08

Just caught me ....... I've no idea.  She had the week off work so it'll definitely be pot luck.  I hope you get your food soon.

trix abound 06/16/19 12:37

what will BJ be making tonight?

MD 06/16/19 11:46

It's so good to hear you have such an appetite!!!

I could just eat some French fries myself.  :D

trix abound 06/16/19 10:40

hope she hurries....I'm sooooo hungry!!!!!

trix abound 06/16/19 10:38

I also asked her to grab me some take out food....a veggie.....french fries.

MD 06/16/19 10:17

Up since 4.30???   That's almost my bedtime.  LOL

I have some vine tomatoes .....  I can eat them with just bread and butter ..... if I had the bread. :D

It's dropped to 61 now but that's still good for us.  Definitely better than the rain they have been insisting we would have.

trix abound 06/16/19 09:21

daughter is getting me more tomatoes today.

trix abound 06/16/19 09:19

Good afternoon MD.....hope I caught you before you leave to BJ's.

feeling great, though I have been up since 4:30.

sunny and 75.

MD 06/16/19 05:01

Good morning Trix ...... sunny and 63 ....... not the pouring rain that was forecast.

How are you today?

MD 06/15/19 11:49

Roasted are even better for you!   I love them roasted with a drizzle of olive oil and some fresh basil.

trix abound 06/15/19 11:30

I'm going to get some to roast.

trix abound 06/15/19 11:22

the tomatos I've had this year have been so good but I know they must be greenhouse grown.

MD 06/15/19 10:40

Good ....... tomatoes are so good for you.

trix abound 06/15/19 10:34

had the tomato too....delicious.....

MD 06/15/19 09:09

I knew I shouldn't have gone back to youtube,  sounds like a huge bribe to me:


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