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Eindhoven University of Technology

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Eindhoven University of Technology
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Eindhoven University of Technology

44630 hours ago

Eindhoven University of Technology

44636 hours ago

Eindhoven University of Technology

44641 hours ago

Eindhoven University of Technology

44648 hours ago

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Comments (14957)

MD 02/23/19 17:26

Of course you are  ....... it's a scary thought.   The other day I read about a horse that had died from eating carrots .....  the sugar in them caused it.  I nearly dropped my chocolates!   If sugar in carrots can kill a horse ..... what is the sugar in chocolate doing to me????  That was then.  Today I made a bus journey to get some of those dreadful chocolates.    I shake my head in despair.

trix abound 02/23/19 16:54

I'm still nervous...will be till after the biopsy.

MD 02/23/19 16:23

Gotcha.  Such a nuisance ....... interrupting your game playing!   :D

trix abound 02/23/19 16:10

thats this month...biopsy is in march.

MD 02/23/19 15:49

I have you down for a 2pm appointment on the 28th .... and that's all.  I'll have to fire my filing clerk!

I'm so glad you're feeling good.   I have to admit ....  I was surprised at the diagnosis because you never seemed to complain of any ailments.  It must be a weight off your mind.   I hope you have something yummy to celebrate with.

trix abound 02/23/19 15:25

and I really feel good.

trix abound 02/23/19 15:20

he said he doesn't think it's cancer....perhaps because I have no symptoms...but it is fast growing....he was very week my regular doctor, then the lung doctor.

MD 02/23/19 14:12

Crikey!!!   That seems a long way off.    How are you feeling?

trix abound 02/23/19 14:03

Hi MD.....just got home....have a biopsy planned for 3/28.

MD 02/23/19 07:46

Good morning Trix .......  my weather check has you down as 36F and no snowfall.    I hope that's true.   Does daughter pick you up or do you drive to her place?   Tell me when you get back.   :D

Silver Squirrel 02/22/19 19:55

Sending hugs to you Trix.  Good luck at the doctor appointment.   

Homely 02/22/19 17:56

Good luck tomorrow, Trix!

MD 02/22/19 17:45

Good luck tomorrow.

MD 02/22/19 15:49

Oh that's not far at all  ........ but far enough.   :D

trix abound 02/22/19 14:14

she's not far....4 miles.

MD 02/22/19 13:28

That's better than a really early appointment.  Does daughter with kids live not too far away?

trix abound 02/22/19 12:10

early afternoon.

MD 02/22/19 10:28

Is it an early appointment or afternoon?

trix abound 02/22/19 10:02

I'll ask her tomorrow....pancreas doctor tomorrow!

MD 02/22/19 09:53

But of course ...... and worth every penny.    I always find money speaks volumes.  :D


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