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Storgatan - Looking West

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Storgatan - Looking West
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Storgatan - Looking West

18460 hours ago

Storgatan - Looking West

18466 hours ago

Storgatan - Looking West

18472 hours ago

Storgatan - Looking West

18478 hours ago

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Comments (33)

MD 07/23/15 11:10

Thanks Ericus ..... I love window shopping ..... you can get such a lot for so little money.  LOL

ericusmaximus 07/23/15 11:03

I will buy you and ice cream now it seems brighter and we can wander down the tourist street and do some window shopping : )

MD 07/21/15 16:42

Ericus ....Sweden is quite a size so some places are going to be wet while others are dry. I love the look of this place and I haven't forgotten that you are supposed to be buying me a coffee and some fancy cake.  :D

ericusmaximus 07/21/15 16:15

Looks a little brighter here, must be place that gets better weather.

MD 07/20/15 11:34

Deacon ... another view of the crowds at Storgatan.

Mira Bilis 10/13/14 20:20

I tweaked this one too ... raining hard here.

ericusmaximus 10/07/14 14:59

Does not have the same zest as the summer this street does it ? Like a ghost town come autumn.

a k 07/21/14 10:07

nice place but cam not clear


N Q 05/19/14 17:47

I forgot to mention that they have car rallys about once a month here during the summer. I enjoyed quite a few of the rally's last year--it always amazes me to see how many American cars are featured at these rallys.

N Q 05/19/14 17:40

Here's the clear resolution webcam that points to the west of the above cam-

and here's the other cam for this town-


Jason :o) 05/19/14 16:56

I saw the car ralley here the other day. Im sure this camera was a better resolution once? Perhaps it uses a lower bandwidth now to save money :o)

MD 05/17/14 13:13

They had a similar thing last year on another cam. I can't be 100% sure but I think it was another cam in this town.

trix abound 05/17/14 12:35

look at all the antique cars...

Ren xianpin 01/26/14 11:56


MD 11/10/13 19:00

You paint a vivid picture. I can see him now..... as we meet he would say "Hello, hello, hello - what have we here!" :))

ericusmaximus 11/10/13 18:36

It is night time and rainy and the lights reflect from the streetlights and shops and glisten on the pavement and road sirface.... I could imagine a night time detective walking down the road with a hat on.

JOAO CESAR CANPANIA 10/15/13 13:40

I LOVE STORGATAN....sou do Brasil...todos os dias entro neste site para ver esta web can....principalmente quando neva....adoro...aqui estamos com 35C...e voces provavelmente com temperaturas baixas....tenho o sonho de ir ai...para aparecer nesta web...abs a todos

MD 07/23/13 15:05

Hi ericusmaximus. I've never seen the place as crowded as it has been these last days.

I'd love to take up your offer of kaffe and Bulle. I'll just get my passport!  :))


ericusmaximus 07/23/13 14:46

Hi Mommie I like this place as well, very busy place today loads of people shopping. In Sweden many have their holiday in 1 big stretch in july cause then the weather has the best chance to be good. maybe this place is a popular town for summer vacation and maybe people have summer houses here. I wonder if the shops sell snacks ; ) I will buy you a kaffe and Bulle (coffee and cake)

N Q 07/14/13 12:29

This swedish town also has something going on. It must be some kind of festival happening at both towns.


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