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Carol Robin's house
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Carol Robin's house

4 hours ago

Carol Robin's house

7 hours ago

Carol Robin's house

10 hours ago

Carol Robin's house

13 hours ago

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Comments (17)

MD 04/03/19 12:17

Yes ........ beautiful.

stargzr 04/03/19 11:57

17 mile of the most beautiful pieces of landscape in the USA !!

MD 02/05/19 16:47

What a lovely view.

Niky Eddie 02/09/18 18:31

Thanks for sharing

MD 08/13/17 15:10

Hi Ekaterina ...... is that really you after all this time??????? :D

Ekaterina 08/13/17 15:06

I bet she doesn't know her camera is not secure!

MD 11/25/15 21:09

Christopher's wife?????????????  :D

zedyer 11/25/15 19:52

Who the bleeeeedy hell is carol robin



MD 07/27/15 00:48

Thanks Mira .... that explains a lot.

Mira Bilis 07/27/15 00:23

*grainy too!

Mira Bilis 07/27/15 00:22

Poor camera image MD ... if you right-click on the cam picture and click on 'View image' you'll see how small the original cam image is ... the enlarged view makes everything look grany.  :)

MD 07/27/15 00:17

So .... is it my eyes .... rain ..... or poor camera?

MD 07/26/15 23:28

I think my eyes are playing tricks. It looks like it's raining.

kyle 04/19/15 05:41

It has chnged some, Hi Carol and MD. Yes, it used to have a smaller view, but, there are some on here that can tell you, I simply dont recall exactly the way it was, as it went offf for a time. i would wager Feral Orchid, Blue, and Trader can likely give you a good idea of what it looked like before, IF, you can get them to come look hahahah, they all are a tiny bit contrary over some things hahaha you can tell them i said that LOL

In any case, i miss all of you, best, toodles

Best to carry around a link to it, as to post it, likely wont do if in between their random visits

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 07/30/14 16:57

That may be true.

MD 07/30/14 16:40

Carol, I suspect it may have been smaller at one time because 3 different people made the same comment. I like the view.

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 07/30/14 16:26

I don't see what is wrong with the size of this cam? 


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