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FatCat Gourmet To Go
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FatCat Gourmet To Go

6 hours ago

FatCat Gourmet To Go

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FatCat Gourmet To Go

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FatCat Gourmet To Go

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Comments (28)

MD 03/28/19 11:51

I wish the same thing.  So sad to have lost almost 4,000 cams but we mustn't give up hope.  In the meantime I look at the Last Saved Stills of my old favorites ..... and read some of the comments.  Always good for a laugh.

stargzr 03/28/19 11:20

I wish some of the other "lost" cams, i.e. Mehamn, etc., would reappear.  But that's probably just wishful thinking.  :)

MD 03/28/19 11:13


stargzr 03/28/19 10:56

Hey MD, look at the animation!!!!!

MD 03/28/19 10:41

Stargzr ....... you cant just do that!!!!!!!!!  Who was here .... and gone again???????   :D

stargzr 03/28/19 10:25

And.........gone again!     

stargzr 03/28/19 08:47

Well, look who's back!

Twig TheSlateBlueDuck 05/27/16 20:13

YIKES!!! $10 a POUND?  You'd think being on an island seafood would be the ONE thing less costly.  I'm land-locked, at the moment, and shrimp isn't THAT expensive... of course, it may not be that tasty either, but for $10? lol

Mira Bilis 03/05/15 16:46

No doubt some nice freshly baked bread smells here at the moment. :)

Mira Bilis 03/27/14 20:05

I guess only 'fat cats' can afford to shop here, hence the name.  ;-)

Mira Bilis 03/13/14 21:23

Indeed.  Prices are usually dictated by how far produce has to travel and what mode of transport is used.  You only have to look at food prices in the far north of Canada, where most produce has to be flown in, to see that.  I don't know how anyone survives up there. 

N Q 03/13/14 20:46

Mira the food does sound good but wow those prices are high or atleast high compared to what we would pay here in the midwest, but then I suppose being on an island the price of everything is probably high.

Mira Bilis 03/13/14 20:19

Sounds delicious ... http://www.fatcat.ai/

MD 08/19/13 15:07

I have photos of my children on the beach in Southern France, my daughter was 15 months old when she first went there, my son was 4 months old. My first husband and I used to go every year for a holiday. In those days we went camping. 

We always drove there and as the children got older we used to  nip into Switzerland en route. They have many happy memories, and photos, of our crazy holidays. I highly recommend it and I'm sure you will get round to it!

Hazel Jones 08/19/13 14:40

Wow! To each their own.....I say do what ever makes you happy! I consider you very lucky to have been able to live abroad for so many yrs. I hope to be able to visit all those places with my children and then again without!

MD 08/19/13 14:29

Hi Hazel. My children were 24 and 25 when we moved to South of France. My husband is quite a bit older than me and took early retirement at 55.  We used to holiday in Spain for 2 or 3 months at a time and spend a few weeks in England with family.  It was a good lifestyle but in the end I wanted to come back to live near my family. My husband stayed on in France for a year after I left but now lives in the UK.  We have seen each other just twice in 3 years. I would describe myself as very happily married!!!

And if I knew then what I know now.... I would do it all over again.  :))

Hazel Jones 08/19/13 13:37

Hi MD  I'm so envious! I would love to live abroad! It seems impossible having children right now 

MD 08/14/13 21:57

I spent 15 years living abroad and loved it but coming back to the UK made me realise what a lovely place it is. However, I'd still like to go abroad for my holidays!!!  I do agree with you, so much to see (and do) and so little time.  :))

Hazel Jones 08/14/13 21:16

I would love to travel to the UK.........so much to see, so little time!

MD 08/14/13 19:25

In the UK it doesn't often get that hot. We've been lucky enough to have about 3 good weeks but it seems to have gone back to normal, clouds and rain. Not that I'm complaining. I take it as it comes. Have brolly - will travel!


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