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Mt Kent Observatory University of Southern Queensland
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Mt Kent Observatory University of Southern Queensland

81 hours ago

Mt Kent Observatory University of Southern Queensland

84 hours ago

Mt Kent Observatory University of Southern Queensland

87 hours ago

Mt Kent Observatory University of Southern Queensland

90 hours ago

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Comments (9)

Rain Shadow 03/27/17 22:40

Yes M D, I was reading about that online earlier. Very nasty.

kyle 06/22/13 23:51

Zedyervenyar Im not sure of the tech level here, I assume it is the hi tech one that takes pictures of the sky at night, looking for movement , if found they track the object to see where its at, and somewhere report it so others can see it too, a rather simple and at the same time super complicated comparing pictures to check for changes. A super simple explaination of a very complicated procedure, much much more to it than my explaination, way more hahahahah, but a general idea of what they do with it, I only ammume here ok, could be watching aliens or the space platform. Or even the dust storms on Mars that are now winding up in intensity.

Be well 


kyle 06/22/13 23:43


Gracie, I think Loraine will not be back for her own reasons, perhaps she stayed away too long and forgot the link, lots of new cam groups now, very good ones too.  I hope you come back soon or you are going to go Lorraines way and forget us here, best to you sweetie

zedyer venyar 06/22/13 23:12

Cool looks like a telescope.

MD 06/12/13 15:58

Hi Gracie. A belated reply but I did some research. The last comment from Lorraine was on the 18th of January 2011. She said "Everything good."  I don't know when the  'signing in' system started.

Gracie 01/11/13 21:51

Would  be so great to hear from Loraine too.  kyle I don't think we've heard from her since the New Opentopia


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