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Chester Yacht Club
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Chester Yacht Club

8615 hours ago

Chester Yacht Club

8621 hours ago

Chester Yacht Club

8624 hours ago

Chester Yacht Club

8627 hours ago

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Comments (12)

MD 03/13/15 13:58

I see no ships.

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 09/14/14 15:08

Pretty view.

MD 08/15/14 23:26

Mira Bilis... that's a superb link. It's taken me all that time to look at all of the cams, some lovely ones.

MD 08/15/14 23:18

Yacht Club sounds much posher than Dock Cam. :D

Mira Bilis 08/15/14 23:00

Nice evening view. :)

MD 08/08/13 19:40

It'll be nice for you if the weather is still good but I'm sure you will enjoy it anyway. It's just lovely to get away.

jules 08/08/13 17:54

Going to the static soon! Yayyy!!!! This is a very blustery day, looking at the waves.

MD 07/21/13 22:32

I'm loving Devon. I have to admit I've only ever visited Scotland once and that was Gretna Green when my son went off to get married.  I liked what I saw but it was at the time of the foot and mouth disease and there were funeral pyres everywhere en route. I've met so many people who say that Scotland is beautiful and that hospitality is second to none. I feel a holiday coming on. I really could do with several!

I bet you can't wait to get to your static. How amazing to have palm trees so far north. The difference in southwest and southeast is so marked, according to the weather charts.

jules 07/21/13 22:13

Would have been a gorgeous place to live in Port Grimaud. Devon is also a beautiful place. We have a static in south west Scotland which is near the sea. There are palm trees in places as it is protected by the Gulf Stream. We love it there, we go for long drives out in the country, trying to see the wildlife - mostly deer, herons and sea birds. Havent' seen a puffin yet though.

MD 07/19/13 14:37

Hi Jules. I've put this link to the place I lived in until I moved to Devon 3 years ago. I now live within the boundary of Dartmoor National Park, which is beautiful, but I still visit the coast at least once a week.  And I DID sit for hours gazing at nothing and everything.  Plenty of it about!   :))

jules 07/19/13 10:48

I would love a house looking over the water - I could sit for hours gazing out at nothing and everything.


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