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PrinterOn Webcam

3596 hours ago

PrinterOn Webcam

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PrinterOn Webcam

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PrinterOn Webcam

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Comments (23)

Moose 06/10/18 19:36

Very interesting.

Ducky Jones 04/17/18 23:47

interesting ...


MD 05/28/17 23:37

Not exactly ...... the space is for rent.  :D

isaiah A. 05/28/17 23:26

This printer is for rent

MD 05/25/17 13:20


isaiah A. 04/25/17 01:37


isaiah A. 04/18/17 12:46


Rain Shadow 04/12/17 19:46

Isaiah, I think they must know you are monitoring this printer.

isaiah A. 03/09/17 23:56

Nice picture :)

isaiah A. 02/04/17 23:26

ok what in the world is this printer used for?

isaiah A. 01/31/17 01:20


isaiah A. 01/25/17 11:44

...and now we have cats

isaiah A. 01/24/17 20:50

Thanks Rain Shadow :) I do find printers quite interesting! I did not know my message is still playing on Bwired, its interesting to know that sending messages half way around the world is possible :)

Rain Shadow 01/24/17 19:57

Isaiah A, your dedication to this printer is commendable.  Did you also notice that your text message on the Bwired camera is still being played?

isaiah A. 01/24/17 18:19

...and another printed...

isaiah A. 01/19/17 11:49

another page printed. someone at their house

isaiah A. 12/13/16 20:44

Thats the 2nd time I have seen it print google. Wonder why?

isaiah A. 11/23/16 22:49

A new paper printed! Never seen anything change in this camera before

MD 10/05/14 14:33

Nice clear print. A good advert!  

zedyer 09/26/14 23:00

They should get the webcam oage on that..


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