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Indoor Agility Dog Training Centre

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Indoor Agility Dog Training Centre
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Indoor Agility Dog Training Centre

26650 hours ago

Indoor Agility Dog Training Centre

26656 hours ago

Indoor Agility Dog Training Centre

26659 hours ago

Indoor Agility Dog Training Centre

26665 hours ago

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Comments (13)

MD 06/17/18 18:20

Hi Moose ....... barely touched the surface.  There are some cams that I've sat and laughed at but decided not to show them.   I'm sure I told you we had a cam where a naked man strolled back and forth and then stopped to examine his crown jewels directly in front of the cam.  There were several like that.  There used to be lots of in-home cams.  In a way I'm glad they have gone but in another way ...... we've lost a lot of fun.   :D

Moose 06/17/18 18:09

Hi MD... Taking a nice little stroll down memory lane, I see.  How far are you through the thousands you have squirreled away?

MD 06/17/18 18:02

Shame this has gone.

MD 09/16/15 18:31

I'm exhausted just watching!  :))

Mira Bilis 09/16/15 18:28

Hi sinister smile ... yes ... everyone looks like they have a lot of fun.  :)

sinister smile 09/16/15 18:19

Looks like a good workout for the trainers as well as the dogs :)

Savannah Roberts 08/17/15 18:53

Oh, Champ would have been amazing at this :( 

Mira Bilis 05/26/15 15:05


Mira Bilis 01/13/15 19:41

Look at those doggies go!  :)

shyannedianne 05/23/14 19:49

just found this one,not much action atm but I'm def coming back over the weekend

Mira Bilis 01/20/14 19:33

What a lovely cam!  :-)

MD 09/20/13 14:30

Dona, I just saw a woman training what looked like a husky. She must be exhausted.

dona brantley 09/20/13 10:37

cool         smile


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