Stork's Nest at Wauwilermoos Prison

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Stork's Nest at Wauwilermoos Prison
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Stork's Nest at Wauwilermoos Prison

4 hours ago

Stork's Nest at Wauwilermoos Prison

7 hours ago

Stork's Nest at Wauwilermoos Prison

10 hours ago

Stork's Nest at Wauwilermoos Prison

13 hours ago

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Comments (130)

MD 05/04/17 11:43

A miserable day  ......

MD 05/01/17 15:38

Rain Shadow ..... it was head-on to the camera ....... and it was going dark.

Rain Shadow 05/01/17 15:22

It might well have been the camera angle.  When they sit head-on to the camera, sometimes you cannot see their dark feathers.  (Unless it was one of their offspring from a previous year visiting, although I am not sure if storks normally behave like that.)

MD 04/30/17 20:23

It looks like there are 3 birds ........ 2 black and white ones and a white one  ....... unless it's the camera angle.

Rain Shadow 04/30/17 18:09

The storks have settled in nicely here.  I hope we will see some babies soon.

MD 04/11/17 15:51

WOW!  It's made a world of difference.

Rain Shadow 04/11/17 15:45

It looks like they finally adjusted the brightness, a much clearer view now.

MD 03/27/17 16:34

Hope springs eternal.

Rain Shadow 03/27/17 16:08

Let us hope for a happier outcome this time.

MD 03/27/17 15:35

I agree .....  much too bright. I worry that the nest is not concave enough but on the other hand - a couple of years ago all the chicks died after heavy rain.

Rain Shadow 03/27/17 15:17

It is a pity the camera quality is not that great, they need to adjust the brightness.

MD 03/27/17 13:45

I've just seen them doing the mating ritual.  Look out for eggs.  :D

MD 03/26/17 19:20

I wish them well.

Rain Shadow 03/26/17 19:06

I see the storks have returned to this place.

MD 03/19/16 15:08

No ..... I wonder if the birds have intuition about what went on here. I miss seeing them. This was one of the best stork cams.

Homely 03/19/16 14:34

Sadly, MD, I don't think we have any occupants this year.

MD 02/20/16 15:48

This prison looks a lot nicer than Dartmoor.

Homely 02/13/16 19:48

Me, too. Will keep checking back.

MD 02/04/16 16:34

Hi Homely ..... I hope we get to see good things. I don't think I'll ever forget that disaster ..... those poor parents trying to wake up the youngsters.  I have my fingers crossed that things go well this year.

Homely 02/04/16 16:27

Fingers crossed that our visitors from last fall did the tidying up in anticipation of returning in March/April when the time comes! We need to keep a hopeful watch over this one :-)


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