Stork's Nest at Wauwilermoos Prison

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Stork's Nest at Wauwilermoos Prison
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Stork's Nest at Wauwilermoos Prison

4 hours ago

Stork's Nest at Wauwilermoos Prison

7 hours ago

Stork's Nest at Wauwilermoos Prison

10 hours ago

Stork's Nest at Wauwilermoos Prison

13 hours ago

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Comments (146)

Liese Lindemann 07/18/18 04:11

Nobody there at all this morning, MD :-(

MD 07/15/18 12:43

Hi Liese ...... do you think they've had an argument?    One is in the nest and the other is standing at the end of the roof. Actually ... it doesn't look big enough for 2 ........ extension needed!    :D

Liese Lindemann 07/15/18 06:53

I hope so, MD!

MD 07/10/18 10:27

Hi Liese ..... empty nest at the moment but I see on the stills that there were 2 storks here.  Maybe next year we shall have storklets!!!!

MD 05/31/18 14:16

Hahahahahaha!!!!!  An easy mistake.   :D

Liese Lindemann 05/31/18 06:41

Hahaha! No no, I totally get the connection :-) I was at Edinburgh Zoo for a wedding recently and afterwards, saw the flamingos there. Alongside them were nearly identical birds, but much smaller and with feathers of a more intense pink. Baby flamingos, right? Wrong. After I had excitedly, loudly announced my discovery of the chicks to the rest of the world, I read the information sign. Whilst I was tipsily enjoying these pretty flamingo-lets, the rest of the visitors were quietly and soberly looking at the collection of Egyptian my old work colleague would have said, "RTFM!" ( Read The F@#%ing Manual! )

MD 05/29/18 18:08

What a fantastic memory to treasure.  I've never seen a stork in its natural habitat.  The closest I've come to it was pink flamingos in The Camargue.  They're pretty similar ...... one's pink ..... one's black and white .... but ...... they both have long legs.    :D

Liese Lindemann 05/29/18 17:20

I saw my first stork, on his nest, in Copenhagen. I was on holiday with my parents and I was only 6. When I saw that gigantic, beautiful white bird, opening his wings, on the top of someone's chimney, I didn't believe that he was real. I thought that the stork - and Denmark - must be part of a fairy story! A wonderful, happy memory now.

MD 05/29/18 10:49
Liese Lindemann 05/29/18 06:41

Haha, yes MD! Not much variation in the old interior design! Happy to see two beautiful storks on this nest today, though :-)

MD 05/28/18 13:00

Ooops!    These nests all look the same ......   :D

Liese Lindemann 05/28/18 06:57

Sorry, wrong cam...

Liese Lindemann 05/28/18 06:56

Where's the baby?

MD 05/26/18 12:17

Looking hopeful but it's a bit late for this year ........ maybe next year we shall see chicks.

MD 04/09/18 10:29

This nest looks a bit rough and ready.  Hopefully any rain will drain away.

silfia anilla 03/03/18 14:59

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MD 05/04/17 11:43

A miserable day  ......

MD 05/01/17 15:38

Rain Shadow ..... it was head-on to the camera ....... and it was going dark.

Rain Shadow 05/01/17 15:22

It might well have been the camera angle.  When they sit head-on to the camera, sometimes you cannot see their dark feathers.  (Unless it was one of their offspring from a previous year visiting, although I am not sure if storks normally behave like that.)

MD 04/30/17 20:23

It looks like there are 3 birds ........ 2 black and white ones and a white one  ....... unless it's the camera angle.


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