Place Centrale Monthey

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Place Centrale Monthey
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Place Centrale Monthey

5 hours ago

Place Centrale Monthey

8 hours ago

Place Centrale Monthey

11 hours ago

Place Centrale Monthey

14 hours ago

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Comments (157)

MD 05/28/18 18:17

Hi Moose ....... thanks for that  ....... I like it.

Moose 05/28/18 17:01

Here is another view of this little square or roundabout or whatever.

MD 05/28/18 14:13

Come on ....... open the box!

Rain Shadow 02/21/17 22:11

Big Red Carnival Head has returned.

MD 02/03/17 19:25

It's certainly well lit.

Rain Shadow 02/03/17 18:56

It looks like "Carnaval de Monthey" is coming.  I like the rotating advertisement.

MD 12/16/16 20:55

How lovely.

Rain Shadow 12/16/16 19:56

The lights are fixed and the Christmas market looks very festive.

MD 12/05/16 21:07

What a shame. I hope they fix it soon.

Rain Shadow 12/05/16 20:46

It looks like some of the tree lights have died already, judging from the last still.

Rain Shadow 02/09/16 17:54
MD 02/06/16 17:44

I expect a good time was had by all.

Mira Bilis 02/05/16 21:52

The thingy is spinning again.

Mira Bilis 02/05/16 21:32

Some activity.

MD 02/01/16 16:21

This would be another good cam to wave at!!!!!!!!!!!!

trix abound 02/01/16 16:19

last year the thingy was spinning!!!!

Mira Bilis 02/01/16 16:11

The big red Harlequin thingy is back ... Carnival season is well and truly upon us now.

MD 01/25/16 21:16

How time flies!!!!!!

Mira Bilis 01/25/16 20:18

The rotating 'Carnival du Monthey' sign is back again.

N Q 12/17/15 00:04

The roundabout has been shut down and a christmas market has been set up.


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