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Frauenfeld Aviary Cam
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Frauenfeld Aviary Cam

4 hours ago

Frauenfeld Aviary Cam

7 hours ago

Frauenfeld Aviary Cam

10 hours ago

Frauenfeld Aviary Cam

13 hours ago

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Comments (23)

MD 03/12/15 15:26

Plenty in there to keep them entertained.

MD 01/24/15 17:17

Mira.... I still read the local paper from when I lived near Wolverhampton and was surprised to see this:

It says they are normally native to Australia and India....... I don't think there are too many Australians living in Wolverhampton but the majority of the population should make them feel at home.  ;)

Mira Bilis 01/24/15 16:43

Busy birds.

Mira Bilis 10/14/14 19:09

This cam is back online so I red thumbed the edit.

MD 04/14/14 12:53

LOL@Raven's avian soap opera!! A few weeks ago I saw a male pheasant strutting his stuff but the lady of his desires was more interested in what she could find to eat, sensible girl!!!  :D

raven880 04/14/14 05:01

Hahaha   The African Gray sleeping on the same branch a little ways from them woke up and saw them.  It took offense and chased them apart!  It's an avian soap opera. LOL

raven880 04/14/14 05:00

OOops!  Spoke too soon.  The deed is in progress right now and has been for several minutes which surprises me.  I've raised a lot of birds but not sure of the mechanics of the mating of these birds.  With Chickens it's a quickie.......but this is more like dogs.  And I think she is getting tired of his sitting on her back while they're perched on that branch.  I wonder if the facility has nest boxes for them.

raven880 04/14/14 04:55

Ahhh spring!  A bit of cockatoo hanky-panky going on right now at 5:45 a.m.  She's interested and he's checking her out but then turned away.  All the other birds seem to still be asleep.

MD 01/15/14 14:17

Quite a bit of movement in here today.

raven880 01/13/14 17:21

Now I see little finches walking about on the floor.  This is truly a mixed bag of birds!

raven880 12/29/13 18:37

Ohhh, I see a pair of lovebirds now.  They are my favorite of all the parrots that I've raised.  Wonderfully funny personalities but the females are lethal!  Even my cats were afraid of my female lovebirds.

raven880 11/30/13 16:03

Maybe this is part of a zoo in Zurich?

raven880 11/30/13 16:02

Oh!  I just spotted an African Grey.  I'm a bit surprised as they often don't get along with other species of birds well.  And there is a double yellow headed Amazon right in front of the camera.  I think I saw 4 Amazons the other day and at least 4 cockatoos....and a few other smaller parrots that I can't see well enough to determine what they are.  There are a LOT of birds in that big cage/room.

MD 11/25/13 16:01

They seem happy enough and they're obviously fed but I've yet to see anyone. I agree with you, it's a curious place.

raven880 11/19/13 17:13

Yeah, MD, I also wonder if they handle the birds regularly.  If it's a bird store, they would need to handle them to keep them tame and friendly for a future purchaser but I don't see how they could get in there to get one.  I have to admit, I'm really curious about this place.

MD 11/18/13 17:35

I'm just picturing the scene. I walk into the bird store and say "I'll take that lovely green one." I bet it would take forever to capture it! Every time I look, there seems to be more stuff in this room.

raven880 11/18/13 16:00

What an amazing collection of parrots all in one cage.  I'm lucky.  I have a large bird room so my birds can be out of their cages all the time but this is still a really nice set up for them.  I wonder if it might be a bird store.

MD 11/16/13 16:52

Gotcha.  :)

raven880 11/16/13 16:22

Parrots need mental stimulation so those hanging "toys" give them things to play with and chew on.

MD 08/18/13 15:12

I suppose it's better than small cages.


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