Note: We've had trouble contacting this cam recently. Live views probably aren't available.

Kouty nad Desnou Station

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Kouty nad Desnou Station
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Kouty nad Desnou Station

3336 hours ago

Kouty nad Desnou Station

3339 hours ago

Kouty nad Desnou Station

3357 hours ago

Kouty nad Desnou Station

3360 hours ago

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Comments (91)

MD 06/10/17 12:23

Hi indigo ..... it opens for me. I'm nosy .... that's why I have a peek at Animations of Last Snapshots ..... I don't like to think I've missed anything.  :D

indigo 06/10/17 06:36

Pic always opens for me, raining there right now...

MD 05/14/17 22:21

On Animation of Last Snapshots it looks like you could almost touch a train.

MD 01/12/17 12:56


oirichard 01/12/17 07:24

for anyone who's intrested you can get the current time table for this line here

indigo 09/28/16 09:39

1st snow ?

MD 09/09/16 11:18

Hi Indigo ..... a lovely day.

indigo 05/28/16 07:23

Wow, whats going on here today ?

MD 05/05/16 12:56

Hi Indigo....... thank you for your help ..... I finally found Losiny. I'm putting the link on here so that I don't lose it again. And now I'll check Firefox.  I hope you are keeping well.

indigo 05/05/16 10:42

Are you using Firefox ? 46.0.1 is latest version.

indigo 05/05/16 10:38

Go up to top and where it says 6047 erase it and type in 6043 and enter.

MD 05/04/16 12:11

Hi Indigo .... I'm having one of those days. I believe you that it's still on here ..... it's obviously hiding from me. :D

indigo 05/04/16 11:59

No live views on Losing station cam as of now but its still on opentopia.

indigo 05/04/16 11:53

MD-Velke Losiny

MD 05/02/16 12:01

Indigo part 2.  I couldn't find the Losiny cam on Opentopia. I hope it's just me not looking properly.

MD 05/02/16 11:38

Hi Indigo ..... Losiny is the other station. I agree with you ... they look very similar.

This is a link that Trix put ages ago. If you scroll down you'll see other views of here.


indigo 05/02/16 10:46

Nice cam, looks like another cam..Louseny ?

trix abound 10/06/15 14:40

i never see anyone working here!!!!

MD 10/04/15 14:40

Hi Deacon .... I like this cam. I must admit .... at one time I thought we were going to lose the railway altogether. So glad they are upgrading.  :)

deacon 10/04/15 14:40

Being a train buff myself, a local rail worker gave me a 2.5-3 foot section of rail, that small piece of steel weighs around 130 lbs!!


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