Velke Losiny Station

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Velke Losiny Station
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Velke Losiny Station

5 hours ago

Velke Losiny Station

8 hours ago

Velke Losiny Station

11 hours ago

Velke Losiny Station

14 hours ago

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Comments (125)

oirichard 01/12/17 07:21

for anyone who's intrested you can get the current time table for this line here

MD 12/12/16 12:20

What a lovely sunny day.

oirichard 12/12/16 09:22

Woo hoo, Camera back on and new Škoda Transportation Class 640 three-car electric multiple-units running, just watched it leave Kouty nad Desnou Station and pass through here.

MD 05/06/16 11:22

Hi Indigo ..... I can't get live feed either - at the moment - but we can always hope that it comes back. I'm glad you told me to type in the cam number or I wouldn't even have this view to look at. This is another place I'd love to visit.

indigo 05/06/16 08:47

Hi MD, still cant get live feed here.

MD 05/05/16 12:57

Hi Indigo.  :D

MD 04/16/16 11:10

This would be a good cam to wave at.  :D

MD 12/31/15 12:15

 Deacon .... not much going on today.

MD 11/12/15 12:23

Me too.

deacon 11/12/15 11:16

I could sit on a bench all day here observing.

MD 10/04/15 17:12

Deacon .... I don't think we appreciate just how many wonderful places there are. Opentopia is a real eyeopener. I lived right near a railway until I was 13. It was at the time when all trains were steam. I could hear the steam train set off from the station and be down by the lines by the time it got to our place. I loved them. Then diesel and electric trains replaced steam. I couldn't hear them set off. I'm glad the UK is having a bit of a revival with steam trains. You can shovel coal .... I'll stick to the footplate!  LOL

deacon 10/04/15 16:45

M.D. that's really neat. There's so many scenic places on this planet to see. Wish I could see them all. I'd do anything to be up there with the engineer. I'd shovel coal for free!!

MD 10/04/15 14:54

Deacon ..... I live not far from the place in this link. On Friday I was on a bus running alongside the River Dart which was liberally sprinkled with canoes and alongside that is the railway and a steam train was puffing along merrily. The train won!!!  :D

deacon 10/04/15 14:43

This is a nice scene. I could hang out here all day watching the trains go by.

MD 05/17/15 14:04

Trix ....... I just see your last comment....... pie sounds lovely!

Train arrived.

trix abound 05/03/15 14:15

I don't understand why she even bothered to go to the hospital....might as well have stayed home!!!!

MD...the first pie was a big disappointment...hardly any filling at all....thank goodness i had her get 2 pies...the second one is great...tons of berries and rhubarb...will have more today!!!

MD 05/03/15 14:02

LOL!!!! And home the same day. Has all the strawberry-rhubarb pie gone????

trix abound 05/03/15 13:59

2 hours of labor....can you believe it....wonder who did the pushing...LOL

trix abound 05/03/15 13:58

Diana was such a wonderful mom...certainly taught the "royals" a thing or two!!

MD 05/03/15 13:49

I hope Diana will be in it but I don't think they will choose that for the first name. I don't really mind what they call her. I think they are a lovely family, more natural than Royals usually are.


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