Mírové námesti (Peace Square)

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Mírové námesti (Peace Square)
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Mírové námesti (Peace Square)

3 hours ago

Mírové námesti (Peace Square)

6 hours ago

Mírové námesti (Peace Square)

9 hours ago

Mírové námesti (Peace Square)

12 hours ago

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Comments (4)

N Q 12/04/15 20:22

there's a blue christmas tree peeking around the corner here.

MD 09/22/14 18:38

Mira... just looking at last saved still. The church looks lovely, like a little bit of the past.

Mira Bilis 09/22/14 18:05

I see what you mean MD.  Refreshing stills work.

MD 09/20/14 14:21

I've not got live feed but on the stills, I love the splash of colour of what looks like an older part of town surrounded by monotonous new buildings.


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