Golf-Club Coburg

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Golf-Club Coburg
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Golf-Club Coburg

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Golf-Club Coburg

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Golf-Club Coburg

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Golf-Club Coburg

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Comments (6)

vedant shubham 05/27/19 07:38

Its so big hub of the knowldge for the all user and here all user can get the more benfit for the work.  so if you want to try this site then come here and follow my link.

MD 04/28/16 21:22

Nice looking place.

kyle 12/01/11 04:05

mugging a golfer is very dangerous, as the ones behind are watching so they can hit that little ball where you are presently standing, so would "call" then run to help, not counting, you have a arsenal of weapons, balls and clubs hahahahaha

THought you would like the factual grin of the situation hahahaha

All well made courses are beautiful up close

kyle 12/01/11 04:02

Golf is nice walk in the best park, only spoiled by ones doubt about the next strike of that little white ball hahahah

Actually, its one of the best controlled placed to have a nice leasurly stroll in the US, by ones self or with a partner

Gracie 11/30/11 13:56

Pretty, I have a good friend who's  family lives somewhere in this region. She talks about Bavaria and a town somewhere in the area.  She's been here in this country  many years and still misses her homeland.

kyle 11/30/11 10:30

it is a golf course


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