Neustadt in Holstein Old Town

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Neustadt in Holstein Old Town
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Neustadt in Holstein Old Town

6 hours ago

Neustadt in Holstein Old Town

9 hours ago

Neustadt in Holstein Old Town

12 hours ago

Neustadt in Holstein Old Town

15 hours ago

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Comments (63)

MD 07/24/17 13:39

Exactly ......

ionel 07/24/17 12:41


49545 02/22/17 09:56

What a charming village.

MD 12/13/16 16:28

How pretty.

Mira Bilis 11/07/15 20:13

I saw it MD, lol!  Interestingly when I just looked again, I got live feed. :)

MD 11/07/15 20:02

Mira ..... please see NQ's comment on Nelly cam.   Smirk!

Mira Bilis 11/07/15 19:10

Thank-you NQ!  :D

LOL MD ... of course ... hence the winks. ;)

MD 11/07/15 16:51

OMG .... you're .... not your.

MD 11/07/15 16:51

NQ ..... your spoiling her.  :D

MD 11/07/15 16:50

Mira ..... you know I'm joking with you????  I happen to have a box of gold stars so I'm in a win-win situation.  LOL!!!!!

N Q 11/07/15 16:49

Mira you legitimately found the first holiday lights so here's your gold star :)

Mira Bilis 11/07/15 16:44

No worries NQ ... I'm sure you're right. :) LOL ... last thing I want to do is turn the holiday lights spotting into a p!ssing contest.  ;)

Mira Bilis 11/07/15 16:40

Story of my life MD .  ;)

N Q 11/07/15 16:40

Mira I keep this cam along with the Sparwood Municipal one in my cams and I normally check through them once a week and neither one has had the these lights on until now.

MD 11/07/15 16:31

Acting as moderator ...... I'm disallowing it!!!!!!  Mira can't win her own gold star. It's in all the rules of competitions!!!!  LOL

Mira Bilis 11/07/15 16:27

I dunno NQ ... I could have sworn I've seen those roof lights on during the summer too (?)  But hey, they always look pretty.  :)

N Q 11/07/15 16:21

Mira you found the first christmas lights and yes though are christmas or holiday lights. They're only on during the winter months.

and here are the 2nd place with christmas/holiday lights.

The lights on the roof are only lit before and a little after christmas here.

Savannah Robberts 08/21/15 04:27

Beautiful...I particularly love the water way.

MD 08/13/15 16:42

Ericus .... well worth it.  :D

ericusmaximus 08/13/15 16:22

I will have to come back in around 4 months and bit.


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