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Rathaus Paderborn on Rathausplatz

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Rathaus Paderborn on Rathausplatz
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Rathaus Paderborn on Rathausplatz

2453 hours ago

Rathaus Paderborn on Rathausplatz

2456 hours ago

Rathaus Paderborn on Rathausplatz

2462 hours ago

Rathaus Paderborn on Rathausplatz

2474 hours ago

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Comments (67)

MD 07/29/17 23:25

Still on my bucket list.

MD 12/09/16 20:15

This place is on my bucket list.

Rain Shadow 12/09/16 19:37

Crowds of people here too.  The Germans and Austrians seem to go that extra mile when it comes to decorating their market squares for holidays.

Mira Bilis 11/19/15 05:37

This camera seems to work faster on refreshing stills (flash) than live feed.  Such a pretty scene.

MD 11/17/15 15:12

NQ ..... I'm following your tracks and putting them all on Tybee for Dona. :D

N Q 11/17/15 14:51

christmas tree has gone up here.

I'm almost through going through my christmas webcam folder :)

MD 02/14/15 14:26

This is quite a parade.

MD 02/14/15 14:25

I just saw a large vehicle go by with "Buker Alm" painted on it. I Googled and it said something about 'don't drink and drive.'

MD 02/14/15 14:22

NQ... I think it's so nice to see such support.

N Q 02/14/15 14:17

MD that's probably it because I just saw a pig on a float go by with men in pink onesies walking behind it.

MD 02/14/15 14:11

NQ.... thanks for that. I actually saw some men in purple and green onesies. I wonder if they are doing some sort of service for a good harvest. I don't drink German wine but I believe they do produce some good ones. Nothing against German wine but I like a rich red that's had lots of sunshine.  :))

N Q 02/14/15 14:03

yes they have a really nice crowd here, watching the grapes walk by :)

MD 02/14/15 13:57

Now that's what I call an audience.

N Q 02/14/15 13:54

and here comes the parade :)

N Q 02/14/15 13:44

It looks like they're waiting for a parade to go by here.

MD 01/17/15 15:30

Hi NQ....... What a lovely city hall. The tree is surprisingly late but I like it.

N Q 01/17/15 15:28

I agree trix this is a pretty square.

trix abound 01/17/15 15:23

hi NQ...such a beautiful town square!!!   or center!!

N Q 01/17/15 15:17

I'm checking through the christmas cams and see this one still has a lit tree :)

MD 12/06/14 17:49

Quite a crowd here tonight.


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