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Calar Alto Astronomical Observatory - North View
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Calar Alto Astronomical Observatory - North View

3 hours ago

Calar Alto Astronomical Observatory - North View

6 hours ago

Calar Alto Astronomical Observatory - North View

9 hours ago

Calar Alto Astronomical Observatory - North View

12 hours ago

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Comments (24)

MD 12/24/19 13:46

What a beautiful day. 

Rain Shadow 08/26/17 21:01

When I first looked, the flashes were over to the left, in the clouds.  It seems to be very gradually moving toward the right.

Moose 08/26/17 20:52

Looks like fireworks to me.

MD 08/26/17 20:49
MD 08/26/17 20:37

And again. They say lightning never strikes twice but this was 3 times!

MD 08/26/17 20:36

Rain Shadow ...... as I've been looking there have been two huge flashes immediately behind the observatory .... in exactly the same place.  Very eye-catching.

Rain Shadow 08/26/17 19:48

Lightning in the distance.  Very atmospheric.

MD 01/13/17 00:11

Surprisingly light for 1am.

Rain Shadow 01/13/17 00:02

A beautiful scene with the snow and moonlight.

MD 01/24/15 17:25

LOL!  They were rather close.

trix abound 01/24/15 17:14

MD...i think the jet fighters were tailgating...i hate that!!!!!!

MD 01/24/15 17:02

Trix... I forwarded the link to my daughter. She said it's probably some new craft invented in the US and accompanied by fighter jets in case it went out of control and they could shoot it down. I prefer to think differently.  ;))

trix abound 01/24/15 16:45

MD...that link was from mufon...i wonder if it was rigged....almost looked too darn good!!!!...i sure don't see any ocean!!!

MD 01/24/15 16:24

Trix.... I think you put a ufo link on Nelly cam the other day. That was amazing.

trix abound 01/24/15 16:19

I do see 1 whispy dark cloud that looks out of place!!!

MD 01/24/15 16:18

Trix... I am screaming with laughter!!!!

I've just typed the details of this place into Google Maps and it doesn't look right. The map shows the 2 observatories to be almost on the sea front.

trix abound 01/24/15 16:16


trix abound 01/24/15 16:15


trix abound 01/24/15 16:11

or maybe there will be something in the sky we should see!!!   OMG...he has already had toast and now he is eating cereal from a large mixing bowl scraping and clicking his spoon over and over again then he takes a sip of coffee and growls every freakin time!!!!!!AAARRRRGGGGG

MD 01/24/15 16:06

Or maybe they just came up here to enjoy the snow.


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