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Place Aristide Briande from Le Marie
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Place Aristide Briande from Le Marie

3 hours ago

Place Aristide Briande from Le Marie

6 hours ago

Place Aristide Briande from Le Marie

9 hours ago

Place Aristide Briande from Le Marie

12 hours ago

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Comments (70)

Anony mouse 07/07/20 22:35
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elmo09 12/25/17 18:54

Merry Christmas to everyone...!!!

MD 12/04/16 12:57

Hi elmo ..... time seems to be going by scarily fast for me. Still ...... better than each day dragging. :D

elmo09 12/04/16 04:27

The big XMAS tree is back... It's unbelievable the holidays are here again. Time goes TOOOOOOO fast.

MD 01/11/16 13:16

Fast moving clouds ..... heading my way!

Looks bare without the Christmas tree.

trix abound 12/24/15 20:34

Happy Holidays, Elmo :)

MD 12/24/15 20:16

Hi Elmo ...... lovely to hear from you. Have a great time.

elmo09 12/24/15 19:55

Merry XMAS Mommie Dearest, Mira, trix and everyone else... My best wishes for the New Year!!!

MD 12/13/15 19:20

Very nice.

Mira Bilis 12/13/15 19:07

The 'Nordic Village' is all lit up now.

MD 12/09/15 16:11

Hi Mira ..... I love ice carvings. Always makes me think of those sand sculptures on the beaches. :D

Mira Bilis 12/09/15 15:45

I guess we'll have to wait until Dec. 12th to see the fun begin. The ice carving starts on Dec. 19th, also in the square.

MD 12/09/15 12:19

Hi NQ and Mira. It says Nordic village and there will be a son et lumiere presentation. I've been to chateaux where they have done those. They tell a story with sounds and light. In the ones I've seen there's a voice telling you things like "And on this spot ..... Louis XIV declared he would have a spiral staircase built," cue a shaft of light hitting the appropriate spot. Or they re-enacted a battle with all sorts of sounds and lights. Very good fun. If only we had sound on here.

N Q 12/09/15 02:43

Mira the poster looks like they're advertising a christmas village but down below that is this-

  • Bobsleigh, entertainment for children.
  • Choo choo! A train in the land of the Eskimos

so maybe it's and eskimo village !

I'll have to remember to take a look during the daylight to see if I can make out what it is.

It does look like ice sculptures so you're probably right about that.

Mira Bilis 12/09/15 00:13

I was thinking maybe ice sculptures but then I saw this on their website ... ... what do you think?

N Q 12/08/15 23:14

I don't know what's in the fence in area but it looks almost like a giant manger scene.

N Q 12/01/15 23:49

christmas tree has gone up here--a HUGE one !

Mira Bilis 11/22/15 16:28

Hi Elmo ... I'm looking forward to it. :)

MD 11/22/15 13:10

Yes .... they always have a huge tree ....... and nicely decorated.


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