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Telehouse North Two

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Telehouse North Two

23487 hours ago

Telehouse North Two

23490 hours ago

Telehouse North Two

23493 hours ago

Telehouse North Two

23496 hours ago

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Comments (62)

MD 03/21/16 22:04

The lights are on but nobody's home.

trix abound 04/20/15 01:19

5 deer just now!!!!

trix abound 04/20/15 01:19

MD....i just went to and a warning came up saying some of the animals are injured and authorities have been notified!!!!  thats nature!!!!

MD 04/20/15 01:00

LOL!!! And as it's 2am I'm off .... to dream of chocolate hedgehogs.  :))

trix abound 04/20/15 00:22

oh yes....i certainly do!!!!!!

MD 04/20/15 00:15

When you think about it .... we go to bed to rest and recharge our batteries. You can't do that if your tum is having to work.......... and you know how important sleep is to me.  :))

trix abound 04/20/15 00:07

yes....settle....thats it!!!!   :)

MD 04/19/15 23:59

Trix .... on Thursday's I often eat at midnight. That's the only time I eat late ...... and I don't get to bed until at least 4am. Normally I eat around 7pm. I need it to "settle" before I lie down.  :))

MD 04/19/15 23:54

Wow Mira .... that is  cheap. Spag bol is so satisfying .......  :))

trix abound 04/19/15 23:53

OMG daughter cooks late at night too...whatever the schedule is!!!!  i don't like having a big meal after 6pm!!!!!!!  it sits with me too long!!!!

Mira Bilis 04/19/15 23:50

At least petrol is cheap at the moment ... about $2.50 a gallon here.  No hat ... plenty of shade from the trees.  :)  Have to start prepping dinner shortly ... spaghetti bolognese tonight.

MD 04/19/15 23:18

Mira .... that's ok if you have transport. I think Tesco's £1 delivery charge is so cheap. If I had a car it would cost me more than that in fuel to fetch my own shopping. Anyway ...... did you wear a hat while you were working?

Mira Bilis 04/19/15 23:12

That's some excellent service you're getting there MD!  :) Unfortunately for us, we're too far outside any kind of grocery delivery area ... the only things we get delivered to our actual property are the occasional parcel (via UPS) or our propane gas (via a delivery truck) ... everything else goes to a PO box at the local general store.

MD 04/19/15 23:05

I don't mind paying extra to get what I want. It's a false economy to settle for second best. I like a bargain but getting something cheap isn't a bargain if it's not what you really want.

My daughter has just texted to say she's home from work and about to start cooking chicken ..... it's gone midnight!

trix abound 04/19/15 22:51

i always said..."you get what you pay for"....i'm more than willing to pay a bit extra!!!!

trix abound 04/19/15 22:49

thats right MD....why should Asda go around thinking they are doing a great service when their not!!!!!

MD 04/19/15 22:44

Exactly. As you say ... some people just can't be pleased. I believe in giving credit where it's due. And a kick up the backside when it's not as it should be.  :))

trix abound 04/19/15 22:29 sad that the only emails they get are complaints....some people just can't be pleased...i would certainly stay with this time they already know your likes and dislikes...and a better product all around!!!!

MD 04/19/15 21:14

That's exactly what I thought before I tried it. I have to say that Asda did just that. I only ordered from them twice and each time I had something that wasn't good. I emailed and told them and they did refund some money and offered me free delivery next time .... their delivery charge is dearer than Tesco. I ignored them and the other day they offered me £10 off my next shop but I'm not tempted. I know I can rely on Tesco's delivery being just what I've ordered. I emailed Tesco to say how pleased I was and they emailed to say they don't often get thanks .... just complaints. They also forwarded my email to the appropriate store so pickers and drivers know that I praised them. Maybe that's why I get such good service.  LOL

trix abound 04/19/15 20:45

MD...i'm afraid our vendors would take this opportunistic time with online shoppers to rid their store of rotting produce!!!!


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