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Piazza del Popolo
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Piazza del Popolo

3 hours ago

Piazza del Popolo

6 hours ago

Piazza del Popolo

9 hours ago

Piazza del Popolo

12 hours ago

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Comments (47)

MD 12/06/21 14:59

Hi Roger Barker ....  I hope you are well.  It's 2 years today since Trix died, so she never heard of Covid. Seems to have been a long 2 years.

You take care.


MD 08/30/19 19:01

I just saw a clip on youtube.† Says he's staying in the US so that he can make sure that things are done properly.† Presumably so that if one† .... or more† ... of his properties get struck ....† that will be the first to be dealt with by the emergency services.

Have you seen Randy Rainbow Parody Songs on youtube?† I've just spent 2 hours there and had to force myself to switch off.† Gone 3am and I'm humming The Trump Cell Block Tango.† LOL!!!

stargzr 08/30/19 17:01

Orangeman didn't care about Katrina hitting New Orleans or the damage in Puerto Rico, but now we've got Dorian heading for Florida (AKA Trumpville) and he cancels his Poland trip. †Heaven forbid one of his properties is damaged!!!!!

MD 08/30/19 17:00


stargzr 08/30/19 16:38

Masochist, †LOL!

MD 08/30/19 16:27

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!†† Very pretty† .....† and how clear.

Hi stargzr.† I really enjoyed the G7.††† LOL!

stargzr 08/30/19 15:25
MD 07/22/16 11:34

Skyline have some lovely cams.

Rain Shadow 07/21/16 21:25

Skyline has a very good view of all the tourists making wishes at the Trevi Fountain

Mira Bilis 12/07/15 16:33

Some festive lights here.

MD 08/09/15 20:10

I bet the atmosphere is brilliant. Shame we don't have audio.

Mira Bilis 08/09/15 19:54

The performers are back.

MD 08/02/15 19:40

Makes me want to be there .... I love live music. Speaking of which .... it's been ages since Homely was on here.

Mira Bilis 08/02/15 19:17

Indeed MD.† Oh ... there's a pianist and a singer.†† Pleasant way to spend a summer evening.

MD 08/02/15 19:09

I love the look of this place.

Mira Bilis 08/02/15 18:54

They must have been enjoying a piano entertainer.

Mira Bilis 12/31/14 16:13

A yellow carbuncle, lol.

MD 12/31/14 13:35

Hi NQ.... it's a poor substitute for the Christmas tree that you and I imagined!† LOL

N Q 12/31/14 13:24

what object doesn't fit in this scene--LOL !

MD 12/06/14 16:07

NQ... imagination is a wonderful thing.... I can see it too.† LOL


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