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Comments (28)

MD 10/14/17 17:08

Hi Antonio ...... the cam is in the bay window of number 16, The Esplanade.  At the end of this row of buildings there's a Chinese takeaway called Dragon Rise. According to Google this place is less than 70 miles from my home. Maybe I'll visit one day.  :D

Antonio Ramondo 10/14/17 15:02

Been watching this cam from all over the world for years, about 6 years to be exact but its been up for longer than that. Its a great way to see the real time weather in this area of England. Very usefull cam, thanks to the person who has it pointing out of their living room window.

zedyer1 04/03/17 18:25

Been there on holiday

MD 03/12/17 16:39

Hi Mira.

Morning Sunrise 12/05/16 19:22

I certainly love British nomenclature  "Burnham-on-Sea Seaeafront".  So unique yet poignant.

MD 03/21/16 21:36

Hi Mira.

MD 07/27/14 13:42

Hi N Q, I saw your helpful comment to Kyle on The Bench but I think he misunderstood what you meant. I think he felt you wanted him to only post on The Bench and nowhere else. I know you meant if there are 3 benches, just to comment on one particular one. I think he needs reassuring.

Hi Homely, how lovely to have bambis pottering about in your yard.

N Q 07/27/14 13:28

Homely I envy you having deers in your yard. I live right in town, it's a small town and I have a nice patch of woods behind me so I used to see deer all of the time till our town decided to have a yearly in town deer hunt, now I seldom see a deer :(

To post a picture that you have on your pc just go to and click the Browse button and browse to the folder your picture is in. Click onto the picture to choose it and then click the Upload It button on postimage to upload it. After it uploads you'll see a Direct Link url for your picture which you can copy and paste in here.

Homely 07/27/14 13:01

Hi, Ladies - The whitetail deer are a bit more fine boned than the black tail. We have only whitetails here, and there is a mother with twin fawns in our yard, as well. No idea how to post a pic of them, though!

MD 07/22/14 21:47

Mira, it could be the same beast!!! Whatever it is  is reputed to run very fast when it's not sidling along!  LOL

Mira Bilis 07/22/14 21:39

Yikes!!  Is he related to the Beast of Bodmin??  :O

MD 07/22/14 21:33

Mira Bilis.... how lovely, twin fawns. I look forward to seeing your photos.

This is all I can offer round here:


Mira Bilis 07/22/14 21:19

OMG ... believe it or not, I just saw a mother blacktail with twin fawns in the garden! :D  I managed to get some photos, so I'll try and upload some later.  :)

MD 07/22/14 21:19

Mira Bilis, there was a lovely pub called The Woodhayes which sadly got sold and changed to something "trendy." I was friends with the couple who ran it and when I was on late shift they would keep me some salad and ham or cheese and onion cobs and some prawns or cockles from the man with the basket. He was a regular deliverer to the pub and his seafood was beyond compare.

When we weren't on duty we used to go for a drink and I had seafood every time. Now they were really happy days!

Mira Bilis 07/22/14 20:45

MD, did you ever get cockle-sellers coming around the pubs in the evenings, with big wicker baskets of shellfish over their arm?  The pubs in Brighton used to have those years ago. ... I loved it.  :D

MD 07/22/14 20:34

OMG......... cockles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mira Bilis 07/22/14 20:29

LOL ... and I managed to get a look at Burnham-on-Sea with refreshing flash mode.  Now I feel the urge for fish 'n' chips ... and a bag of cockles with black pepper!  ;D

trix abound 07/22/14 20:19

looks fluffier and bigger ears..very handsome creature...

Mira Bilis 07/22/14 20:11

Trix, black tails are the same size ... they're just found in the north-west.

trix abound 07/22/14 20:07

and these cams have sound  :)


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