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Kompoti Square
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Kompoti Square

4 hours ago

Kompoti Square

7 hours ago

Kompoti Square

10 hours ago

Kompoti Square

13 hours ago

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Comments (23)

MD 12/12/15 23:42

Mira ....both of my parents worked but were always careful with their money. They never had anything on hire-purchase and brought me up to be the same. I hear so much about the poor freezing/starving pensioners in the UK .... they say they can heat or eat. Goodness knows what they spend their money on - or maybe they splash it about on other things. I certainly don't go short of food and my central heating has been on solidly since the 27th of October. But then again .... I don't smoke or have a car. However ..... my chocolate probably costs as much as running a car.  LOL!!!

Mira Bilis 12/12/15 22:00

Thankful indeed MD ... same here in the US.  We live pretty frugally compared to what many Americans consider "normal" but even we would find it a struggle if we had to face what the Greeks are going through.

MD 12/12/15 21:29

BJ's best friend lives in Greece. We only hear part of how difficult it is for ordinary people to get by. Her friend looks after her elderly parents and they are living virtually hand to mouth. Mira, after you mentioned the restrictions on ATM withdrawals I asked BJ how her friend got on. That restriction doesn't bother them ..... they don't have it to withdraw.

I keep saying it but people in the UK moan a lot yet they have so much to be thankful for.

Mira Bilis 12/12/15 20:37

They finally added some coloured lights.  I'm guessing there's some Greek austerity measures starting to bite.

N Q 12/07/15 13:58

a tree has gone up here.

Nikolya Nikki 07/21/15 08:51

great view

Mira Bilis 07/03/15 20:42

That's all down to the current economic woes, MD.  :/

MD 07/03/15 20:22

Yikes!  That's Draconian!

Mira Bilis 07/03/15 20:00

Hi Bill ... maybe they're hanging around to use the ATM again ... they can only withdraw €60 day.  ;)

bill dude 07/03/15 19:52

Seems to be a popular hang out after dark for young folks

trix abound 03/25/15 00:03

very lovely!!

MD 03/24/15 23:53

I like the look of this place.

MD 12/14/14 23:06


Mira Bilis 12/14/14 22:42

"Kompoti Square" ... reminds me of "Compost Corner" from Tiswas!  Those were the days, lol.  ;P

N Q 12/14/14 21:57

another christmas tree :)

Mira Bilis 10/20/14 03:30

Calm night.

MD 08/05/14 13:04

It's a whoppa!  I'm sure it will have a circle of benches underneath. Way back, the people who built these places cared about creature comforts.. you have a bench.. you need shade.

trix abound 08/05/14 12:57

its very nice...wonder what kind of tree that is...has a nice shape...

MD 08/05/14 12:45

I love the look of this place.

MD 04/14/14 15:07

Mira Bilis, I'd love to be there right now, drinking ouzo. I should think it tastes the same as pastis.

I hope your visit went well. I looked for someone waving on their way to the ferry (or back) but I must have missed you. LOL!


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