Fő téri Szombathely

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Fő téri Szombathely
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Fő téri Szombathely

6 hours ago

Fő téri Szombathely

9 hours ago

Fő téri Szombathely

11 hours ago

Fő téri Szombathely

14 hours ago

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Comments (14)

MD 08/26/17 12:00

I'd love to be there. I love a market.

Moose 08/26/17 11:39

Lots of activity in the square today!

Rain Shadow 05/27/17 19:42

They really are incredible.

Moose 05/27/17 19:39

Ah yes.  Like these.



MD 05/27/17 19:35

The centre panel looks raised but it's not.  How odd.

Rain Shadow 05/27/17 19:31

I see what you mean, Moose.  It reminds me of those mind-boggling 3D style pavement optical illusions, done with chalk.

Moose 05/27/17 19:07

This cam gives me a weird optical illusion.  The design of the middle part just doesn't fit in and makes it look like it is an inset from a different cam or something.  But people walk across it and kinda freaks me out.  I like it.

MD 11/17/15 00:23

NQ .... thank you.

MD 11/17/15 00:22

I like it.

N Q 11/17/15 00:08

christmas lights are going up here.

dona brantley 11/23/14 16:06

thanks for the link   smiley

MD 11/23/14 15:30

Thanks NQ... I appreciate your folder!   :)

N Q 11/23/14 15:14

Here's another one that has xmas decorations up. If I remember right they don't put up a big tree here but instead all of their lamposts are lit up along with the small trees.

I'm still checking through my xmas folder to see which ones have started their xmas decorating :)


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