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Comments (74)

MD 08/28/17 14:32

Plenty of water today.

deacon 02/11/17 11:00

Things look pretty dry here as this is the lowest water level I have seen here.

indigo 01/27/17 08:16

Must be quite a view in summer...

MD 07/27/16 11:23

The grass is lovely and green in Devon.......... all that rain we get!

deacon 07/27/16 10:17

I have not seen water flowing like this by me for many months now. Everything is parched. The grass is like straw now.

MD 05/13/16 11:24

Hi Deacon .... yes ... that's a lot of water.

I still stand by what I said about the shack being there for a long, long time.  You'll have to keep looking in to make sure.   LOL!!!!!

deacon 05/13/16 10:40

Must have had a lot of rain, this is the highest water level I have seen here.

deacon 01/13/16 15:29

MD.. Doubtful, I still stand straight, no leaning, creaking or swaying...LOL!!!!

MD 01/13/16 11:24

Deacon ..... I'll wager this "shack" will be standing here long after youve gone. LOL!!!!!

deacon 01/13/16 10:20

A structure which poses a hazard to its occupants and anyone near it, we call them shacks. In some extreme cases the term is downgraded to "dumps".

trix abound 01/12/16 14:35

MD....the "leg" is gone!!!!!

MD 01/12/16 14:03

Deacon ..... where I live ... that "shack" would be called a cottage and people would be living in it. Ages ago Trix and I discussed its jaunty angle.  LOL!

deacon 01/12/16 11:08

Looks like that shack on the right is getting ready to fall in the ditch.

MD 01/11/16 15:26

L O L !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

trix abound 01/11/16 15:01

wow....i want "full body trainers"!!!!

MD 01/11/16 14:19

Hee!!!! It looks very much like a leg .... doing the can-can!!!!

I only have plastic bags when my shopping is delivered. Then I recyle them as garbage bags. They are degradeable. I think plastic bottles cause a lot of problems. I watched a prog about them a while ago .... washing up on the shores.

Speaking of which .... I watched a prog last night where 6 feet ... in trainers ... had washed up. It was on the west coast of Canada. Apparently trainers can keep a foot in good condition even up to 5 years in sea water. :D

trix abound 01/11/16 14:07

we have our own reusable shopping bags!!!

trix abound 01/11/16 14:06

wow....France has the right idea!!!!!!

it also looks like a leg trying to free itself from the ground :)

MD 01/11/16 13:58

I thought at first that it was a piece of plastic sheeting blowing in the breeze but looking at the trees and plants .... there doesn't seem to be that much wind. Then I thought it looked like a spray of water. Puzzling.

In the UK they've just started to charge people for plastic bags instead of giving them away with shopping. I think France has the right idea. Years ago they brought in biodegradeable plastic bags .... and they really do degrade. I'd put something in one and left it in the back of a drawer. When I went to move it ... it collapsed in a heap of bits which.... when rubbed .... disappeared into a fine dust. You won't see them hanging about in trees for long.  :D

trix abound 01/11/16 13:43

LOL....i think it's a plastic bag trying to free itself from the weeds!!!   we have plastic bags hanging from trees over here!!!!  i hate them!!!!


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