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Rooftop View of Montepulciano

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Rooftop View of Montepulciano
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Rooftop View of Montepulciano

26 hours ago

Rooftop View of Montepulciano

29 hours ago

Rooftop View of Montepulciano

32 hours ago

Rooftop View of Montepulciano

35 hours ago

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Comments (23)

Mira Bilis 12/06/14 23:10

The festive street lights are very bright, especially when it's foggy.

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 09/19/14 14:03
trix abound 09/01/14 17:08


MD 09/01/14 17:01

Trix....... I just dribbled on my laptop!!!  LOL

trix abound 09/01/14 16:54

on crusty baked bread rubbed with garlic and a drizzle of olive oil.....

MD 09/01/14 16:46

with freshly torn basil.....

trix abound 09/01/14 16:36


MD 09/01/14 16:30

Tiny Italian plum tomatoes fresh from the vine.....

trix abound 09/01/14 16:24

and lots of foods to try...

MD 09/01/14 15:57

Trix... I like your thinking! Think of the fun we could have!!!!!!!!!!!!!

trix abound 09/01/14 15:42

i'm thinking that perhaps 2 trips will be needed....(we cant take the money with us when we should plan on visiting the christmas trees we have admired from afar....and some places should be seen in at least 2 seasons...winter/summer....spring/autumn...

trix abound 09/01/14 15:31

yes....we did sort of have a trial run of the ice age last

MD 09/01/14 15:25

Having said that about cold weather.... I would hate to have the cold weather that the US had this last winter. There's cold.... and there's COLD!!!!!!

MD 09/01/14 15:23

Trix... I find the heat bothers me more than the cold, especially humid heat. I'm happier going out for a walk in cooler weather.

The Lottery Vacation..... the other day I actually looked at Google maps to see which would be the best route for me!!!! There are so many tempting places to visit.


trix abound 09/01/14 15:04

the older i get the more the cold bothers me...i'm thinking that our lottery winnings trip will have to be for at least a year...keep seeing more and more places i would like to visit...

MD 09/01/14 14:51

Ours was!!!  We had 2 huge open fires and a portable paraffin heater. That was why we started going to Spain for 3 months in the winter. The apartments were much easier to keep warm but by then we'd got into the habit of Spanish holidays!

trix abound 09/01/14 14:35

i bet there a bitch to heat in the winter....

MD 09/01/14 14:18

Lots of Italy, France and Spain look like this. It's like stepping into the past.

trix abound 09/01/14 14:08

looks ancient...

trix abound 07/23/14 12:23

it is beautiful...


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