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Customs Crossing
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Customs Crossing

5 hours ago

Customs Crossing

8 hours ago

Customs Crossing

11 hours ago

Customs Crossing

14 hours ago

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Comments (14)

MD 03/10/20 23:23

Somebody pinched my "n."  :D

MD 03/10/20 23:22

Made me wish my inhaler was to hand.  LOL!!!!!!

I agree with you  .... celebrate everything.  I think I told you I celebrate the date my first hubby left, the decree nisi, the absolute, the date we got engaged and the date we married.  The there's hubby number two ......  LOLOL

stargzr 03/10/20 19:31
stargzr 03/10/20 19:29

I celebrate every holiday !

holi festival

MD 03/10/20 04:41

He is definitely three sheets to the wind.

Stephanie Grisham just said that Trump is in excellent health. 

Earlier today when it came out that Trump might have been in contact with a COVID postive person ....  Twitter was full of people saying "Dear God ...  I'm only going to ask for one thing this year.  Please don't let me down."  And similar things ........   I don't think they were Trump fans.

stargzr 03/10/20 01:51

OMG......speaking of Chardonnay, etc.,

stargzr 03/10/20 01:46

Just remember......"stay away from hands and wash your crowds".      lolololol

MD 03/10/20 01:27

Oh yes!  I like this one.  I have a shopping delivery coming on Thursday  ..... complete with plenty of wine.  If I have to self-isolate I intend to enjoy it.  LOL!!!

stargzr 03/10/20 00:05

This kinda makes me joyous, too.  Must be the Chardonnay.  hee

Jack Simon 10/24/17 07:48

No traffic.

Instant Spanish to English translation

Grumpy McBlunt 03/02/15 11:32

Dead Cam

MD 07/06/14 16:48

No traffic hold up today, unusual.

MD 06/30/14 14:55

It's the Swiss-Italian border. I've spent holidays not far from here, a lovely area.

kyle 01/02/14 13:38

I wonder if this is the Alpine crossing, it looks forbidding enough


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