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Webcam in Japan
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Webcam in Japan

2495 hours ago

Webcam in Japan

2498 hours ago

Webcam in Japan

2501 hours ago

Webcam in Japan

2504 hours ago

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Comments (76)

Ed Hilver 05/28/20 19:45

Yes me too :)

stargzr 05/28/20 18:54

First time I've seen a woman playing.  :)

stargzr 05/28/20 18:52

You're right...I guess there are no hard and fast rules.

Ed Hilver 05/28/20 18:44

Yep some of them whare masks :D

stargzr 05/28/20 17:13

And they're masks.

Ed Hilver 05/28/20 11:43

Yes i think so.

stargzr 05/28/20 01:15

Um......I can't read Japanese but have a feeling the mahjong is off the table for a while.

Ed Hilver 05/26/20 15:20

They play mahjong 

Ed Hilver 05/26/20 14:56

In japan they play games

Zsombor Udvari 05/26/20 11:09

What is this cam?

Ed Hilver 05/07/20 11:36

Now open.

Ed Hilver 05/04/20 11:55

I think so.

MD 04/28/20 21:30

It looks like there were no firm rules.  Maybe one of them got COVID-19.

stargzr 04/28/20 01:07

Finally closed ???

Ed Hilver 04/23/20 16:21


MD 04/21/20 18:15


Ed Hilver 04/21/20 15:40

Why are people still in here.

MD 04/14/20 14:01

Phoenix ........ maybe that's the antidote to coronavirus.  Lungs that are dried like kippers may not be suitable hosts for the virus.  LOL!!!!

Phoenix 04/14/20 13:06

The air in that room is so thick you could cut it with a knife ....  :-)

stargzr 04/12/20 19:07

Smoking keeps the virus away.      :D


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