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Webcam in Japan
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Webcam in Japan

5 hours ago

Webcam in Japan

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Webcam in Japan

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Webcam in Japan

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Comments (43)

MD 02/28/20 23:05

Oh yeah?  You speaking from personal experience?

Only kidding.  Hi Bill ...... seems ages since you were on here.  I'm glad you're still with us.  :D

bill dude 02/28/20 22:40

This place makes me think of a Yakuza parlor where the "Dons" would meet.

stargzr 02/06/20 04:00


MD 02/06/20 03:57

People of whatever age just don't want to go for a drink if they can't smoke.  I don't think the legal age makes much difference in the UK .... kids seem to drink before they get to 18.  Also ....  you can buy alcohol in stores for a fraction of pub prices so if you've got to do your smoking at home .... you might as well drink there.  I'm glad I never bothered with smoking  ..... one vice is enough. Well  ...... two if you count chocolate.  LOL!!!!!!

stargzr 02/06/20 03:40

Interesting.  The non-smoking laws don't seem to have affected bars here in US.  I wonder if the difference in legal drinking age has anything to do with it.  Legal age to buy alcokol here is 21, as opposed to 18 in UK.

MD 02/06/20 03:00

LOL!  British pubs used to be like that until they brought in the no smoking rules.  Now the pubs are empty and lots have closed down

stargzr 02/06/20 02:35

Looks like Sakurajima has penetrated the game room.

MD 01/12/20 15:59

Hi Homely ....  I've got everything but the mushrooms for that stroganoff but I'll be cooking it this week.   Such a simple recipe.

Homely 01/11/20 20:00

Thank you for editing the link, MD! That mushroom dish was so good that we even ate all the leftovers... and we are notorious haters of leftovers!

MD 01/08/20 02:27

Iran’s Tasnim news agency is now quoting Iranian officials warning that if the US retaliates to these strikes in Iraq, Hezbollah will fire rockets at Israel — a threat to widen the conflict and bring Iran’s regional allies into play.

That doesn't sound good.  Trump is going to make a speech later.  He will probably make things worse.

stargzr ..... this is what I cooked.  It's easy and vegetarian:

Here is Homely's edited link ....    :D


stargzr 01/08/20 02:22

Thanks much, Homely.  Found it with no problem and I promise I will try it......will let you know.  BTW when you post a link remove the "s" from http and you'll be fine. 

Homely 01/08/20 02:12

First, Stargzr, if you're looking for something that is fast and super easy, this recipe is from the same blog that MD has enjoyed and it has instructions to cook on the stovetop rather than the instant pot, if you don't have one of those contraptions. I made it last night and it was truly delicious - read all the comments for substitutions: 

For some reason my links don't link, so maybe MD can post it properly for me?

MD - to clarify, the facilities hit (so far) tonight are Iraqui bases at which US personnel are housed. I've been watching the messaging from Iran - not sure they really want to escalate. To me, looks like they want to avenge but not go further. The first three reports in the fog of war are always incorrect, so I am waiting for more, but the US is presently reporting no casualties. There is the chance that this will be it. Not sure. Have to wait and see. Between that and the PR earthquakes, I think I am in for a long night.

MD 01/08/20 01:12
Iran has reportedly fired at multiple US facilities in Iraq

Missiles have fired from Iran at Erbil in northern Iraq, as well as Al Asad Air Base in the west, according to ABC News.

MD 01/08/20 01:11

No matter how old our kids get ...  we still worry.

I think the US might be at war.

stargzr 01/08/20 00:41

Hi Homely,

That earthquake was terrible.....hope your dtr is OK and no further quakes occur !

I laughed to hear about your "hurt heart."  I just never had an interest in food - preparing or whatever.  I was a Daddy's girl and followed him around the workshop all day long, thereby learning all sorts of skills. (I could easily hang MD's pictures)  LOL

However, I will definitely try a recipe from your link, if only to prove to myself that I can do it !

Homely 01/08/20 00:26

Hi, Ladies - Just jumped on for a few moments. Recovering from the holidays... loved seeing some comments that you liked my cooking links! Stargzr, it hurts my heart to hear that someone doesn't just LOVE to cook... it is like therapy for me :-)

I'm racing off to obsessively check the earthquake reports in Puerto Rico. DD is there for a training trip with her college swim team and they landed after the first big one, then had another HUGE one this morning. I'm a little bit freaked out, but she keeps sending pictures of her smiling in the sunshine. Fiddling while rome burns, methinks!

MD 01/07/20 22:07

I'm no good at household repairs or decorating.  I wish I could put up pictures.  In 2016 hubby delivered a huge framed picture from our honeymoon .... a picture of the scenery.  It's still leaning against a wall ..... along with a large framed picture of Rimini that was given to me by a hotel owner.  LOL

stargzr 01/07/20 21:54

I did check out her link and it looked terrific.  Who knows, I might just try something from there one of these days.  In the meantime, if you need any household repairs or redecorating.....I'm your woman.   :)

MD 01/07/20 21:43

I have to be in the mood to faff.   BJ cooks every day.   Son chose cookery at school instead of woodwork.  He's given me some brilliant tips over the years.  Homely's last recipe link was very good.  I did the pickled red onions the very next day.  I shall be doing them for ever more.

stargzr 01/07/20 21:02

I am always so impressed by your culinary abilities.  I read your exchanges with Trix or Homely or whoever sharing recipes and cooking adventures.  If it doesn't come in a can (tin) or package, I won't be eating it!  Cannot cook at all.  If the world depended on my kitchen skills we'd ALL be anorexic !!!!


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