Seiryūzan Morin-ji Temple

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Seiryūzan Morin-ji Temple
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Seiryūzan Morin-ji Temple

4 hours ago

Seiryūzan Morin-ji Temple

7 hours ago

Seiryūzan Morin-ji Temple

10 hours ago

Seiryūzan Morin-ji Temple

13 hours ago

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Comments (7)

Mira Bilis 04/30/14 00:34

LOL @ the comments too!  Yes ... you can green thumb this MD.  Thanks. :)

MD 04/29/14 23:50

Mira, me too. And I enjoyed the drama of the earlier comments, rolls eyes!  Did you do the editing?  I don't just thumb willy nilly!  LOL

Mira Bilis 04/29/14 23:12

I like the green roof.  :D

kyle 04/09/14 04:54

this is sad, wish there was someway to get them to look at the text here, and to run the cam to revel the culprits.

These are elderly folks who live here

kyle 04/09/14 04:50

the teens seem not to be bothered by walking through the yard

kyle 04/09/14 04:49

the ones who appeared to be tossing things went on away from the cam, up the side road, not the one along the property

kyle 04/09/14 04:47

looks like those teens walking through, are now standing just across the road throwing things.

Oh, they know about the camera, they looked right at it


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