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Hotel MARE
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Hotel MARE

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Hotel MARE

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Hotel MARE

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Hotel MARE

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Comments (14)

MD 03/30/18 19:13

I just checked youtube ........ full eps of both.  I'd forgotten all about them but I'll be watching a few episodes of both.  What fun.

Moose 03/30/18 18:47

I actually bought a few seasons of DM and Count Duckula.  Another classic.

MD 03/30/18 18:37

I loved Danger Mouse  ...... and eventually the kids liked it too.   :D

Moose 03/30/18 18:25

Talking like that is what happens from watching too much Danger Mouse.

MD 03/30/18 17:38

LOL!!  LOL!!  LOL!!

Hi Moose ...... I'm so glad you joined Opentopia.    :D

Moose 03/30/18 17:15

Gor blimey!  Dinna get yer knickers in a twist!

MD 03/30/18 16:27

Oi!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Are you suggesting I'm a suspicious character?????

This for people who aren't familiar with "Oi" and don't like to click on links:


Used to attract someone's attention, especially in a rough or angry way.

‘oi, don't lean out’

‘oi, taxi!'


Moose 03/30/18 15:58

Here is the answer pasted for those who do not like to click on links from suspicious characters.

"There are several unlucky numbers in Japanese. Traditionally, 4 is unlucky because it is sometimes pronounced shi, which is the word for death. Sometimes levels or rooms with 4 don't exist in hospitals or hotels."

MD 03/30/18 13:16


Moose 03/30/18 02:04

MD... I missed your answer and only just now saw it.  I thought I was weird for noticing the missing numbers, but you are even more weird for figuring it out.  Excellent catch!

MD 03/12/18 20:54
Moose 03/12/18 20:37

I wonder why there is not 104, 204 or 304.

MD 12/06/17 23:15


Bloodstream Woodbrook 11/19/15 17:50

Movable cam link?


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