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Kazu Ryokan
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Kazu Ryokan

745 hours ago

Kazu Ryokan

748 hours ago

Kazu Ryokan

751 hours ago

Kazu Ryokan

754 hours ago

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Comments (15)

14161 02/10/15 02:13

The sea looks cold and scary...

MD 08/27/13 23:45

Hi Janet. I like that you do the research. There are 14 comments on here now, and 11 of them were posted by Kyle.

I sure miss him.

Janet Stevens 08/25/13 04:53

Well, at least we know for sure it is the Sea of Japan since it is stamped on the camera. According to Wikipedia it is bordered by Russia, the Korean Peninsula and the Japanese islands of Hokkaido, Honshu and Kyushu. Sorry, but Australia and Hawaii are nowhere near it. According to the time stamp on the camera it matches perfectly to other Japanese cams to the minute, so it is in Japan. Very interesting section in Wikipedia on it, especially the weather conditions. Hope this helps with any confusion.

kyle 07/25/13 01:45

yup, a Kyle comment for sure hahahaha

kyle 07/25/13 01:45

Haaahahahhaah you are too brat, hahaha

I love Austrailia, and cant seem to get enough money to go there, they are a bit picky whome they allow it as tourists, gotta have money, so lets me out, as far as living there, understand they have† poor job market too like the rest of us, they tried an experiment that nearly broke them that is defying the US by opening their doors to Asian types , cant say which, as make an irritating bothersome guests try and get me back for it, uh, no one are to say they cause a problem,,,,, , but the prime minister put a damper on demonstrations there, by ahem Visitors.

I would love to chat with some of old buddies that are assigned as coast watchers, served with afew long ago, just might find some i know. As I said, just love the place, but sigh, might upset the new wife, kinda wild near and in the outback, besides, the Gem fields are open to make a few dollars (Pounds) I know how to do that hahahaha

MD 06/12/13 15:48

Classic Kyle comments! Come back.......... all is forgiven.  Apart from Hawaii in Australia.  :>

kyle 05/15/12 02:06

also, since itcomes up the 15th and its the 14th here in the US, it is most likely Austrailia, hahaha best I can do folkis

kyle 05/15/12 02:05

watch if a guarded place, if so, along the Arabian area or south East Asiaian border to Austrailia, 13 hours is about the max distance

kyle 05/15/12 02:03

best location for the time, now cant alter the hawaii part, oops  As identified as a American APO. likely a service person that is posting it

kyle 05/15/12 02:01

sorry ,can't alter the Hawaii, did get the Aussie part, as I said, this is 13 hours from the US

kyle 05/15/12 01:59

I tried to make it Austrailia, as it is 13 hours away


kyle 05/14/12 14:14

It as you can see, bordering the SEA, soooo, likely Hawaii   hahahahha definately not Land locked Kansas

kyle 05/14/12 14:13

All of the Continental us is sunny right now (10 AM) , and this place is not, one of two things if a IP that suggests the US, it is


2- it is a delayed bradcast, take your pick

kyle 05/13/12 02:21

Hahaha cant be Kansas either

kyle 11/03/11 04:10

not the US mainland, light is wrong


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